Re: Vacation suspension of Internet/TV service

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Re: Vacation suspension of Internet/TV service

@wayner92 : There was no reason to start a new thread since there were already several threads on the topic.  Your other post was not deleted, but rather merged into one of the existing threads, however, now that you have posted a duplicate post, one of your recent posts may be deleted. I have the following comments:  


1. Post 9 of this thread outlines the "rules" for suspension of services.

2. If you have IgniteTV, you need to suspend all services (including internet & phone) since they cannot be separated.

3. If you have Digital Cable, you can suspend the cable TV portion only (I believe), but according to the rules in post 9 and I believe it's $10/mo (perhaps $20 - I can't remember), but you can confirm with Rogers if you've got Digital Cable.  If you've got IgniteTV, then you're out of luck regarding CableTV only.