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Re: Rogers WinBack Offer - Plan changed after

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I was contacted by Rogers winback team on Dec 26, 2022 that offered me a great plan. I was with Fido and moved to Bell on Dec 24,2022. After getting to know the rogers winback deal I accepted the offer and decided to add a second line as well to my account. I have been provided the Rogers account number by them.

I got the deal for $55+tax & bill credit with 2-yr financing option for iphone against $59+tax that I'm paying for bell which made me to go with rogers. When I see the plan in Myrogers account now it's not what the winback team offered me. When i spoke to a customer rep i was told rather I need to pay more now which is very frustrating.

I would like the sales/winback team to intervene and verify my offering by pulling up the conversation I had with the winback team member.

Re: Rogers WinBack Offer - Plan changed after

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This happens more than it should, and sometimes the price difference is as simple as a $3 price increase per service.
Discussions on various websites deal with the fine print of "price subject to change," right below the line that states your price will remain in effect for the year term. And that price increase can somtimes appear even before 2 months have passed.

Regardless of the reason for getting charged more than you expected, the winback team only did half of its job correctly; it got you to stay, but the price was wrong.

So instead of trying your luck again with lower level staff, or calling the winback phone number (and often dealing with long wait times), it's time to take advantage of the often more successful "Share a Concern" technique. Scroll down this page to Contact Us and then scroll down on the page you arrive on, to Share a Concern. Here is where somebody from either winback or the Office of the President will be more careful to correct any error that occurred, or at least explain more clearly, what went wrong and why. From there, you are basically daring them to have the nerve to wrong you again.
If a mistake was indeed made, you might even get a product sweetener (like a few free months of a streaming service), or an even slightly better deal than you were expecting (perhaps through a one-time credit that negates the monthly overcharge that the current deal involves).

We all want you to get what you expected, but if you're going to somehow fail, you might as well get slighted by the top of the food chain, rather than by the bottom feeders. That way, it's much easier to cut all ties with Rogers, and take your business elsewhere.

Good luck, but I expect a positive result, as long as you don't get passed on to stressed-out reps, lacking the proper concentration or empathy that you deserve. ✍️🙏💟

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