Rate offer not honoured

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Rate offer not honoured

Yesterday I called Roger's to ask about new promotions on my plan , since my current promo expire soon. I decided to wait to accept the promos. Today I called and asked another agent about that promo and they said they have no idea where the previous agent got the promos he offered me. I asked to speak to the retention dept, they couldn't honour the lower rate that was offered and could only offer a higher rate. Is there anything I could do to have them honour the lower bundle rate I was offered. Ask to speak to a different dept? Or email someone? Let me know thx



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Re: Rate offer not honoured

Hey @antoniettmer!


Sorry to hear that you weren't able to find an offer that meets your needs! I would most certainly recommend reaching out to support via @RogersHelps on Facebook or twitter. Send a PM there and one of the agents will be happy to assist you. They're empowered to assist at the highest level so there's no need to jump around. They're available 24/7 as well!


As an alternative you can reach out to us here @CommunityHelps :). For more information on our private messaging system, click here.