Promotional extra data issue

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Promotional extra data issue

Hi there, so a few months ago I got a message from Rogers saying I was eligible for an extra 5gb of data per month for a year. That was a few months ago and my billing period that just passed has been the only one to actually have it show on my account that I have the extra 5gb. Right now it doesn’t show and only has my normal amount. How can I be assured that Rogers is not going to dock me for going over my data when they are the ones randomly adding more one month then not bother the next? It seems like they are just trying to get me to go over my data plan. How can I be sure this won’t happen?


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Re: Promotional extra data issue

Hello @Tmcivor,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


I understand your desire to ensure you got the offer correctly added to your account.

The promotion you described was made available to targeted customers starting at the end of October, 2018.


Once you replied "Yes" to the text message, did you receive a confirmation SMS?


You actually use your additional data before the data included in your plan. It means your data notifications will only keep track of your plan’s data.


You will have access to your additional data at the start of your bill cycle. However, it may only appear on your MyRogers online profile on the second day of the billing cycle.


As long as you stay on a compatible plan, you will keep your bonus data. If not, we will remove your additional data.


If you noticed that you're going over your data plan and you're under the impression that your bonus data was not taken into consideration, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!