Privacy in my home

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Privacy in my home

A technician guy by the name Divjot Singh
Left his cutting tool behind
Finished the job and left
I noticed he forgot his tool so I left it on the counter in my kitchen . My wife has called me to tell me he forgot his tool and to call Rogers to let them know his tool he forgot
So my wife had to leave for a few hours
Them the tech divjot singh call me and said he forgot his tool and if anyone home to get his tool back
Well I said if wife is home then yes
So I said then is my wife car on the drive way he said no
So I said if you can come back a get it
He said well I don’t usually work in Oshawa
Well I said then I can put it on the front step where the front door is
My wife got home at 6:30pm I call her and said the tech divjot will come back to get his tool
She then said the tool is not here
Divjot Singh when’d in my house with nobody home and got his tool
So I guess any tech can do that
My privacy means nothing
Or anybody privacy does not care


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Re: Privacy in my home

Hello, @linob


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for reaching out to us. We take these matters very seriously and would like to review.


Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather all the pertinent information needed to investigate this. Not familiar with our Private Messaging system? Please Click Here.


Thanks for your contribution and for your help in keeping the community a pleasant place to be.



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Re: Privacy in my home

Hopefully they can look into things for you...

But NO.  Rogers does not have access to your house.
A tech should NEVER go into the house, EVER, unless your home.
So if he did, he was in the wrong.

That being said, they have no way of accessing your house otherwise to get inside, etc. IF the house is locked.
If you left your house unlocked.. there is nothing to prevent ANYONE from entering your house.  
If the house is locked.. they can not get inside.

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Re: Privacy in my home

I've had techs leave tools behind and caught them and returned them in my driveway. But it's not your responsibility to return lost tools. If they're sloppy with their tools, that's their problem.

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