Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

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Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

Dear all,
Last week I received a call from a guy who claimed himself as Rogers local area manager who offered me a new deal. My ongoing internet only package was about to expire. So I had to do something anyway. He offered me all 3 services (internet, tv, home phone) @$69.99 +tax. I agreed. And they installed the system within days. When I received the Rogers Residential Service Agreement, I was surprised seeing that the price as $74.89+tax. I called the guy and he asked me to send him picture of the page which I did immediately. Since then I am unable to reach him. What is my option now?



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Re: Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

Good morning @Arka50!


Welcome to our Community!


I understand that the price appearing to not be what was quoted is disconcerting... especially if you can't reach the sales agent that gave you the quote!


Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can investigate this for you and make sure everything is right. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

In April of 2018 my bill came in at $148 (I am a single person with a single income and can't afford to spend @ $1,800/year on tv/internet). Called - complained - changed my package/reduced my bill and I paid $112.84 in May. June rolls around and my bill was $118.63 (I was upset but paid it) July was billed at $118.63 again. August rolls around and lo and behold - my new bill is now $130.09 (I called - complained - and was told there was nothing that could be done. Imagine my surprise when I just pulled up my September bill and it is now $141.23.


I've been a customer for over 30 years - I shouldn't have to call and complain to get a better deal. 


Needless to say, I can hardly wait to get set up with something else so I can bring all your equipment back to you and never have to deal with you guys again.



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Re: Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

Hey @Bentley11,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forum.


Wow, you've been a long-standing customer almost as long as I've been around. It goes without saying, that we certainly appreciate your loyalty and  I can understand your frustration. It's always upsetting to see unexpected charges on your bill, especially after being assured otherwise.


If you can kindly reach out to us via PM, so we can take a closer look at your account details. Please click HERE, if you're unfamiliar with how our private messenger works.


Look forward to hearing from you!




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Re: Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

Quality Care Quote Does Not Match Reality


Recently made the switch from Bell to Rogers. It was a bundle for TV, Internet & Home Phone.


Received a quote from the Quality Care Department, sales person gave me her number for after sales service. Before agreeing to the quote I asked for the Service Agreement to be emailed to me, she replied that they cannot do that. Two days after installation I received the Service Agreement, needless to say it did not come close to what I was quoted. Called Rogers, phone operator said there is no notes on file and could not find the deal, suggested calling back when I get my first bill. 


First bill received, only got charged for home phone. Called Rogers, they suggested calling back again after second bill. Second bill received, billed for two months, not even close to what was quoted. After being on the phone for over 1 hour with retention, they suggested going to a Rogers store so they try to locate the person who quoted me the deal.


In short everything that was quoted to me was false. From the length of the HBO promotion, TV channels that were to be included, the home phone and feature, and the biggest issue the pricing.


Very close to cancelling everything and going back to bell.


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Re: Price Not As Quoted - What are my options?

Hello @H123,


We appreciate you sending us the PM regarding your concerns and giving us the opportunity to discuss it with you further. If there is anything more we can do to help, please feel free to continue chatting with us via our on-going PM conversation. 🙂


Thank you!