Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Yes, I am having these same issues with my iPhone 8.



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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Hello @SimonGeg, 


Thanks so much for confirming! Are you using the same SIM card that was used in the iPhone 6 that you had previously? Is it possible to try another Rogers SIM card in your device to see if the verification codes work then? All of the companies you mentioned should be able to send verification codes on our network. We have a list of approved companies from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) you can see the list by Clicking Here.


If you are unable to test another SIM card in your device we may need to escalate a Ticket to investigate this further. Keep us posted and we can determine what the next steps should be. 




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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

I'm having exactly the same problem fore a few days. can't get any verification text codes anymore

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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Hello @belilan,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for reaching out.

Receiving verification codes is certainly vital given the growing importance of two-factor authentication.

To assist you with this, we may need to escalate a ticket to our network specialists. Please refer to posts 5 & 7 of this thread for additional information on sending us a PM to have a ticket escalated.


I've Been Around
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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Hello, I'm not sure if this thread is still open, but I am unable to receive verification codes from my UK bank NatWest who insist that it's not a problem that the code is being sent to a Canadian number, but that the issue is at my end with my service provider. Is it because NatWest short codes are not approved by CWTA? Is there any way around this? I cannot access my UK banking since they implemented this security feature. 

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Re: Premium SMS - Unable to receive verification codes.

Greetings @bailejo1!


We appreciate you gracing us with your presence here in the Rogers Community Forums! Nice first post! 😉


If you are unable to send text messages to a short code or receive text messages from a short code, it may not be provisioned in Canada by the CWTA. The CWTA maintains the list of approved and active codes allowed on our network.


If the short code is not listed, it may have expired or not be approved for use in Canada. For example, the program could be US-based and not provisioned by the CWTA. Some US banks use short codes to authenticate users, but in some instances, these US-based short codes are not provisioned in Canada and will not work for you. 


You can contact the relevant organization or business to request an alternative way to communicate or authenticate, and suggest they provision their short codes in Canada with the CWTA and Canadian wireless carriers.


If the short code is listed, please check if you’ve entered the right number and that the program is still active. You can send ‘HELP’ to the short code and should receive a response providing additional information on the program. This would confirm that the program is active and you are using the correct number. 


The current list of approved short code programs is available at their website HERE. You may also find information on "how to apply for a short code" through this website as well.


I hope this helps!

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