Premier vs. Premier Specialty Pack - What is this?

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Premier vs. Premier Specialty Pack - What is this?

I'm currently being charged for these 2 items, Premier is $32.48 and Premier Specialty Pack is $68.00.  I can't seem to find a channel line-up for the Specialty Pack, but when I look on the Premier list, it seems that's exactly all the channels I have, so why am I being billed for this Specialty Pack?  If Rogers renames what they offer, and show it itemized on Billing, then they should be transparent and show these channel line-ups on their website.  Am I overpaying?  Am I not navigating the Rogers website correctly?  Why can't I get a more clear itemized list of what the services that I'm apparently paying for?



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Re: Premier vs. Premier Specialty Pack - What is this?

Good evening @AL2020,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! Thank you for your post.


I understand your desire to ensure you are billed the correct amount on your invoice. The Premier package is $109.99/month and is composed of the Premier and Premier Specialty pack. I can imagine that the reason why it is confusing is because it is broken down that way on your bill. From the information provided, you are not overpaying. There might be other charges or fees in your package and/or you may be getting offers to lower the cost of your service.


We can definitely confirm this for you to give you peace of mind. To start, send a Private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your info and check your account. If you're not familiar with our private messaging system, click here.