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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Phone Repair Status

Just another update to end off the day.

I was still very salty about my last interaction. Called 611 troubleshooting for the heck of it.

Asked him if any way they can help me in just getting some sort of eta...
as I have lost faith in the store, manager.. and explained the timeline and the manager for not calling me back after a in person promise to.

Rep stated he couldn't help me immediately, but if I would like to file an complaint, he can escalate it on the support side and an escalation manager will be engaging me tomorrow.

I proceeded to provide detailed info.

The phone rep at 611 Toronto was very professional, understanding, and didn't try to give me some half baked answers.

It was a lil refreshing.

Will await the callback from Rogers support tomorrow.

I looked up futuretel... I shouldn't have, now i am worried.
Why would this be the only authorized service center with such horror stories... From 2006 to AC recent as last week
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Phone Repair Status

Day 21 - Nov 10 2016.

Talked to 611 escalation manager.
He said he's kicking over to their hardware support team to followup and callback within 48 hours

Earlier in the day, before 611 called back, reached out to the store.

11:55-12:15 called them repeadetly no answer. A call lasted 1 minute roughly till it ended.
So 15-20 times in a row.

1pm call again and they answer
Store rep: manager unavailable, with a client. Can call back within 20 minutes tops.

At about 3:50pm get a call back from mgr ( 3 hours after expectations).

Store mgr: nothing I can do except send emails until they respond. Cannot call them

He was very adamant about this communication path as the only way.

Store mgr: if u want an update you have to complain to Samsung. We only get an update when they send, not when we ask. Talk to samsung
I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Phone Repair Status

Your story is beginning to sound a lot like my own experience.  See what happens with your 611 escalation call, ask for what actions they are taking, and estimate time frames. I don't think I would bother with the manager any more - sounds like they have a million and one excuses to not support you and to pass the buck with no way for you to follow-up.  Back in the day, we were told to phone Motorola (the company that made the phone), we did and they could find nothing on the phone, so I was again in the middle going no where, faster with each call.


Next step is office of president - use the MyRogers - report a concern in the contact section at the bottom, describe in detail what you are dealing with and ask for phone call and indicate at what time.


If not satisfactory response then, I would escalate - you can go to Ombudsman office (don't know how you do that but they can tell you) and search Rogers escalation complaint in google - it is publically on their pages somewhere.  You can then go to CCTC and your most significant issue would be poor communication and follow-up on a legitimate customer concern.  It is not a fast process, but even if you get the phone back, you could still ask for compensation and apologies for all the inconvience.


Keep us up to date.  I hope you get this settle soon - brings back nightmares.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 15

Re: Phone Repair Status

Day 22 - Nov 11 2016

Thanks for the tips.

I am giving 611 to call me back tomorrow before I act.

Had already been reading on the ombudsman process.

Will keep u updated ~ within 26 hours they should be calling me, otherwise I am calling them.

Trying to stay positive (helps I am a escalation manager in critical patient care), but the more I read about this repair shop and the hassles is very worrying
I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Phone Repair Status

I can relate - I used to be an escalation manager for IT services in a community mental health centre, and there was never wait time internally to resolve issues within our own system.


Now when it came to escalating with a supplier of a critical piece of network hardware, or Internet provider, etc, once in a while I would get a bad experience.  Fortunately in those cases, if it wasn't resolved within 24 hours (that was in every contract we signed), we found another supplier, they had to pay a penalty clause to compensate us for the cost of the other supplier and a financial penalty, and if they didn't, the contract was cancelled.


You know yourself that when things are health related and critical in response, we do have to escalate, but it usually is a quick process and if not, we don't work with the supplier anymore.


Unfortunately, with Wireless companies that sell products, they will give you the loaner to keep you going, but rarely is it convienent for you as you have no information on the device and unless you have a reliable back up model for it, which even as an IT person, I have never set up a simple back-up recover method of apps, and critical data (my bad), but you are left chasing them to get information and clarity to your reequests - at this point, it looks like you just want to be informed and have it done in a reasonable time - not unreasonable request - but we the consumers get caught between the company and the phone company and we don't have our work solution of just saying fix it in this time frame or goodbye.


It appears you are remaining reasonably patient, given the situation, and fortunately, you do understand escalation processes well.


I feel you frustration, been there.


Thanks for keeping us up to date - it provides education to others who get confronted by the same issue and you are demonstrating an excellent model of dealing with it and the reality that we have little choice but to live with the delays, and work the escalation system.


Thanks for keeping us up to date.  Hope things are resolved at the 611 level in a timely way.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Phone Repair Status

So I called on Sunday after not hearing back at all.

Management is off on the weekends so I couldn't speak with them and the phone rep couldn't give me an update as there was no update on my status.

Phone rep stated I would get a call back on Monday.

So on Monday yesterday didn't get any call back and I was too busy to call them.

I was planning to call him at noon today as I haven't heard anything back and I'm surprised I got an email saying my phone is ready for pickup.

Never heard back from 611 never talk to that manager since last week have gotten zero updates ever on the progress of my phone but it showed up today repaired.

Happy got my phone, hope it doesn't break again as these guys at Rogers as a whole offer no help.

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Phone Repair Status

Hello @dudlee

Glsd to see your device is ready to be picked up. After reading your posts I would be very upset as well.

The thing I learned is that if one manager is handling the case, other managers don't tend to get involved unless they send off emails. So the manager u were speaking to a couple days ago could be on their days off or sick or had some issues ( anyone's guess) so thus why they never called back.

One thing is that I am glad you got ur device though!
I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Phone Repair Status

Glad you finally got your phone back.  Can you say "the left hand(s) don't know what the right hand(s) are doing".


I made it plural, because this is one of the ongoing challenges of working with support and CSR with Rogers - no one is responsible, generally, for keeping in touch with the customer and updating them from start to finish, and if handing off to someone else who gets in touch with you.


Wish you hadn't had to go through all this frustration, but glad you got your phone back.


Personally, I would still follow-up with President's office to describe the experience and suggest they look into what happened.  You may get some compensation as well, but at least you can feel like your concern was raised and that you are trying to contribute to a solution.


You can send it through the contact at bottom of MyRogers, where you send a concern or compliment.


Or just enjoy your phone being back and hope you never go through that one again.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 15

Re: Phone Repair Status

Thanks for the support.

I will definitely be following up with the office of the president... For the instore wrongs, the over the phone wrongs...
Also I want to clarify policies, procedures, and SLAs... Incase I have to do this dance again.

Will keep you up to date on status.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Phone Repair Status

I had an issue with LG G5 phone.  After software update, phone vibration stopped working. So I have given to rogers store for repairing. Yesterday I received phone after repaired. Inside issue fixed but now my screen  and backcover are having lots of scratches, dent on left side and some of the places silver color come out. My Outside phone condition is worse than I had given. Whom should I complain about this? I need phone in same condition in which I had given.