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Payment Lost

Hi everyone,


I need your help with an issue that I have, I am all out of ideas, and I would appreciate any nudge towards the right direction.

My issue is with my April bill for "Internet and TV". I paid it on the 16th of April from my TD account, and Rogers confirmed on the 20th that they received the money. But then at the end of that month, I received a letter from them saying that I owed them money.

I called them immediately, and the guy told me that Rogers received the money on the 20th, but that my TD bank took back the money on the 30th of April. I called my bank, and asked them about this, but they assured me that they didnt do that, and that they wouldnt do that without authorization.

I asked for an investigation into where the money went, and today my bank concluded that they have indeed paid Rogers for my account.

I talked to Rogers on the phone, by chat, and I even went to their store in the St. Lauren center. Someone there tried to call support and solve the situation, but Rogers insists that my bank took back the money.


I am really lost here. Rogers says TD took back the money, and TD says "It wasnt me!". I dont want to pay $193 again.


Has anyone seen anything similar to this situation before?


Is there any office that I can go to and explain my situation, I dont want to call them again and hear the same thing. I would love to contact someone who would actually help.


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Re: Payment Lost

When you get your statement bring it to the bank your invoice will show the return payment... 


The bank would then need to investigate that... When a payment is reversed off an acct it will show if it was NSF or returned from the bank... this info will also show on your inovoice.  


You can always call credit operations again and see if they can esculate the issue to A/R for them to possible esculate further from rogers end....



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Re: Payment Lost

Thank you for your reply, the thing is that i have requested a payment investigation from my bank, and I received the result yesterday. TD confirmed that the money has been paid to Rogers.

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Re: Payment Lost

Good day @MhamadK,


Welcome to the Forums!


I have taken a look at your post - I can understand the inconveniences of this situation.

I can definitely confirm that you did the right thing by requesting a payment investigation.


Were you able to confirm whether the account number to which the payment was made matched yours?


IIf it does not, we could request a payment transfer to have the payment applied to the correct account.

The account number is an information that your bank could provide you.


Let us know if you require further assistance in regards to matter.

It would be my pleasure to have our @CommunityHelps  team reach out to you via Private Message, in order to take a deeper look into this. Smiley Wink




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Re: Payment Lost

Hi I activated a new wireless plan and bought a new phone a week ago. The phone itself is very nice, but I'm having nightmares with the first bill.


First, the bill claimed i have an overage, which i know i did not have. I managed to get it sorted out on the phone with customer service.


Now, my MyRogers account balance shows $80.99, which looks correct to me. However, my bill still shows $97.94. I went ahead and decided to pay $80.99 with Interac. MyRogers redirected me to my bank's website like normal. When I was done, MyRogers said "Sorry, something went wrong" and there is no record of my payment anywhere in MyRogers! But according to my bank's website, i did in fact pay. So now my $80.99 is just gone!


I'm hoping that this is just lag, but I've been paying my Internet bill with MyRogers for years and the account balance has always updated immediately after payment with no issues. So now I'm very worried. What should I do to get this sorted out ASAP?



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Re: Payment Lost

Hello @loginname21,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I apologize for the inconvenience. A team member from @CommunityHelps will be in touch with you shortly, please look out for the Private Message which can be accessed from the envelope icon from the top right corner of the page.


Thank you for your patience!



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Re: Payment Lost

You invoice amount will not change - the charges will still show even though you got a credit... 


if you look under BILLING & PAYMENT then just below Account balance (as of today): $0.00 it will show the amount after credit applied (if the credit was effective right away- sometimes he pend till next billing cycle)


Maybe it's a good idea on to have a area we we can view upcoming pending credits or credit applied.  


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Re: Payment Lost

Please help me.


i have two accounts connected to my rogers account, one for cable and one for cell. The one for cable is closed with no owing but it's still attached to my account and I accidentally paid 250 to the account the closed. Can they transfer it to the proper account?

i have both account numbers. Paid on credit card, not banking online

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Re: Payment Lost

Hello @Crystallion1

You would need to contact Rogers Customer Service and speak to them about this. Let them know what is going on.

They should be able to transfer the amount into your other account and remove that account off.
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Re: Payment Lost

Hi @Crystallion1


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums.


We can definitely assist with the payment made on your account and  correct this for you.


Please check your inbox for a private message from @CommunityHelps to assist you further.