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Paying monthly modem rentals for 5 years

I've been around

I have been the rogers customer since Fall 2016. Since then, I have been paying modem rental every month! It's been 5 years and every month $10!! If Rogers modem costs $250 to purchase, shouldn't be the monthly rental waved after 24 months for any loyal rogers customer?


It's a kind of win-lose deal where rogers always win, and the customer always loses by paying monthly rental. 


I'm wondering if other loyal rogers customers feeling the same.



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Re: Paying monthly modem rentals for 5 years


Good day, @mirza04!


Welcome to the Rogers community and thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


I definitely understand where you are coming from as it is always nice to save some extra money wherever possible. Unfortunately, the only modem available for purchase is our Cisco DPC3825 model which costs $199.95 + taxes. Please note, this option is only available with the Rogers Internet 5 package. 


We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback and we hope you have a nice weekend!



Re: Paying monthly modem rentals for 5 years

when I was on rogers there were packages that had the monthly modem rental listed as a separate item, and some packages that had the modem price included in them. either way, there is likely no way to avoid it, if u change plans and the fee is gone its not, its just been included in the monthly fee.
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