Outright device purchase at Rogers store

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Outright device purchase at Rogers store

I finally found a Rogers retail location with stock of the iPad mini LTE. However, the salesperson says that they don't sell devices outright and only do financing. Is this a decision of the store/clerk? Clearly, the Rogers product page directs you to the store to do the purchase or financing. Confused...


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Re: Outright device purchase at Rogers store

Hello @sirloinofbeef

I do believe it's up to the store managers / reps to make that decision. Most of the times they refuse outright sales either due to management saying they aren't allowed too OR the store reps rather you sign a contract for one.

To be honest, why don't you go to Apple and see if they have one with LTE? If you are paying full price, might as well go to Apple since the Rogers store refuses to do outright sales to you.