One Solid Hour of my Time for Rogers Live Chat Agent to Resolve Billing Issue.

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Re: One solid hour of my time for Rogers live chat agent to resolve billing issue.

@BS wrote:

A couple of things to do though-  in every interaction, whether phone, chat, FB, here directly to community helps or twitter, always get an interaction ID and the name of the person.

Good point regarding interactions.  As stated by @BS, if you use Live Chat, at the end of the chat it's easy to get a complete transcript of the chat sent to your e-mail. This will then include the transcript, the time, the name of the person you had the chat with, etc.  That way you have a record you can file away and if needed, it can easily be copied and forwarded to a new chat if necessary.


This is one of the reasons I use Live Chat fairly regularly.  I'm a touch-typist though, so I can type almost as fast as I can speak, so it's easy for me and may not be as easy for others.


The method of communication I use depends on the situation. Since I've been dealing with Rogers for 30 years, I now know what works best for the particular issue I'm having.  I used to use e-mail a lot, but that option has been gone for a few years.  I find that if it's in writing, then the CSRs don't try to BS you about what went on in a previous interaction. 😉


Reference numbers can be important if you don't use written communications.

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Re: One solid hour of my time for Rogers live chat agent to resolve billing issue.

Thanks. I shall do the ID and name thing in future. The tech said he was reading the transcripts and there was nothing in there about my bonus. Odd, because I was able to find it from the email transcript.