Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

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Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

Is it possible to add another individual to your account? Or, must you create a separate account?


My wife's mother has dementia and can not deal with this issue. We were wondering what is the best way to provide TV services. 

a) Can TV services be provided under our Rogers account even though the person lives in a different location? or

b) Do we have to create a new separate account for the individual with their address, but send all administration and billing to our address.


This  scenario must be quite common so I would like the community to let me know the best approach with the least amount of administration.  Thanks.





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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

Good afternoon @User14,


I think it's great that you guys are looking to help out. 


Typically, there can be only one service address on each account. However, you can set up a separate account (or do a transfer of responsibility if your wife's mother already has an existing account), and either change the billing/mailing address or switch to online billing with your email so you can be in charge of the billing and payments.


Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.





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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account




Just to be clear, it sounds like:

a) you can only have one "address" per Rogers account but several people can share the services at that address. 

b) you can not have two or more "addresses" per Rogers account.

c) you can have several services (TV, internet, phone, etc.) per Rogers account.


I was  also told during a service call related to our home phone, that I could not have more than one person listed per Rogers account for security reasons. This sounded like a bureaucratic interpretation as I thought the home phone service would be associated with one service "address", not an individual.

Where are the details on Rogers account ownership restrictions and procedures located? In the Terms and Conditions, or elsewhere?  I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction for further detail and clarity. 




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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

@User14 You did not say whether your mother-in-law has a Rogers account or whether you wish to set one up for her at her address under your name. In either case all you need is her password and take care of everything from your end.


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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account



Bottom line:

For a Long Term Care Facility there is usually a representative from Rogers or Bell that you will need to contact as the LTCF normally has a corporate account. The Rogers website has no information on this issue that I could find.

Contact the Service Provider representative and set up a separate account for the services at the different address.  


The long story for those interested:

In speaking to friends who have a cottage outside the city, they indicated that we should be able to add Rogers TV services to our Rogers account at a different address.  Someone had already asked this question related to cottages and a former member answered at: Connect-PVR-to-my-TV-at-the-cottage  


So in our case, because the person has dementia, we needed to be the customer of record so that we can call when there is problem with Rogers and we don't need the Power of Attorney problems. 


I first called customer service at the number below to set it up.   

Other Customer Inquiries:

1 855 381-7834

Mon-Fri: 8 am to Midnight EST

Sat-Sun: 8 am to 11 pm EST


9:00 am I had to go through about 20 different options to get to a LIVE AGENT with this query. The preselected options were totally unrelated. Thank goodness there is a call back feature as the wait time was 36 to 54 minutes.  

Received the call back telling me I was first in line. About 1 minute wait with nice music. They could try changing it some time.

I digress.  "Un-named" live agent very helpful. Tried to send me to Consolidation Department if I wanted the service to stay on my account.  I said a separate account was ok so he tried to set it up. He couldn't call up the LTCF and asked if they had a commercial account with Rogers.   I didn't know, so I called the LTCF. They gave me the name, tel. no. and email of the Rogers representative. Said thanks to the "un-named" live agent who said he had learned something.  

Called the LTCF representative. As it was a weekend, I was surprised I got a live person.  She listened to my requirements and said it would cost $37 for the basic TV service. Provided our name and address and only provided drivers licence so she could verify customer.

Finish time 9:50 am.   Will start service on Wednesday.  Billing to customer by email.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

@User14 :  In your previous posts you mentioned nothing about a LTCF. This would have been very helpful and we would have been able to assist you better.


As you found out, dealing with such a facility is totally different than being a regular customer. When my father went into assisted living, we were there and helped with all the contracts including what was necessary for TV, phone, etc.  At that time I got the Rogers contact information for the assisted living facility and dealt with him.  My father was bringing his own PVR, so it was not quite as straight forward as it was for other residents. The basic channels were included in the assisted living facility, along with a DTA for each room.  Since my father was bringing his own PVR, we required activation of that box and there was a small monthly fee, which my brother takes care of via automatic credit card bills, since he was utilizing a STB/PVR instead of the DTA.  


You need to find out from the LTCF what is and is not included and then deal with the appropriate Rogers rep.  This is similar to what happens in a Condo corporation. If you want channels/services in addition to what is included in the "base package" you need to set up an account and pay the difference.  The Rogers rep is the best person to deal with and he can explain how various things can be done, but don't expect much if any flexibility on pricing since there is already a "mulit-unit deal" on the base pricing.

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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account

I just received this message for this thread:

Just wondering if you had received the answer you needed? If so, you should let the Rogers Community Forums know so that the answer can help other members.

Obviously an automated message that makes you believe someone is actually listening.  Basically, if someone had read this thread, they would have seen my answer to my own question.

Follow up to let the Community know:  The Rogers rep showed up about 13:45 on Wednesday after I was given noon to 2 pm window.  Not bad! This part of Rogers service is commendable. 

The wiring for facility had mis-labelled the wires so it took some time to obtain the signal source for the room.  

The tech should have set up the remote to turn on the TV and the box.  I would suggest recording the Tech's setup on your phone camera. He does it so quickly, you really can't see what he is doing.

Note that some TVs have a Timer so you can schedule when the TV turns on or goes off.  Go to TV settings.

The Nextbox doesn't have that functional capability and it would be on all the time.  I asked about putting in a wall timer but the tech said that wouldn't be good for the box. It would have to reboot daily.  What I have learned from this experience is that client requirements, especially those for the elderly do not seem to get priority with new technology.  It seems that more complexity is the "in" thing.  If we build it, they will come philosophy.  The designers seem to forget that client's have requirements too.  It would be nice if customers were asked for their input once in a while.  Here are two for the elderly: 1)  Provide a function to turn off the power light and the time on the digital box, or to make them dimmer. 2) Provide a timer function on the digital box so that you can program it to turn on or off like the TV.   I'd put this under Community Questions & Suggestions but nothing seems to get acknowledged there.



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Re: Obtaining Rogers TV for another individual on your account


Follow up to let the Community know (again): Request for TV service sent 2017-11-20  and service set up 2017-11-22 by Technician. Request to cancel TV service sent 2017-11-29 to end on 2017-11-30.   Netbox3, remote and power cord had to be returned by the client to a Rogers Store.  Now, I cannot access this account that was created in order to review the bill that was sent on 2017-12-02 and again on 2017-12-04. 


The Rogers TV service was cancelled (2017 Nov 30).  If someone is reading this topic, I am trying to pay the bill that was sent by email  for the account that was created at the Long Term Care Facility address.  I tried to link the account but it doesn't seem to allow me access to see the bill.  If you wish to follow this saga go to: