Obtaining Cell Phone Records

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Obtaining Cell Phone Records


I am looking to obtain a record of text messages received by my phone. I do not need a transcription of the messages, just when they were received and what number they were sent by. Is anyone aware if I am able to get this record, and if so, how?

Thank you!


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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

Hello mmturow

Rogers will only give those records to the police with a warrant or a court order. Customers are not able to get those records. There is no way sadly to get them from any carriers.
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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

I just double checked my account, as it has detailed billing, and thought it might show there, but it does not.
detailed billing, will show you all the call, weither chargable or not, in and out.. but unfortunatley it doesnt show anything on text messages.

As meowmix said, these records, while they are recorded in some fassion, are not redily recorded anywhere.. and have to have special methods to retreive them, normally on when court ordered, as he mentioned.




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Rogers One Number has a feature which is called Coverged Messaging. This feature allows the customer to receive and manage text/picture messaging in one combined inbox. Text message conversations can be viewed on the website for 30 days.


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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

i have a court order , sent for the records and half of the numbers are still missing
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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

how do I get all of the incoming numbers? Half of them are  missing . 

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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

Hello @cabbywall,


Welcome to the Community 🙂


Are you referring to numbers for incoming calls that you recieved or text messages? If it's for incoming calls which were received, you should be able to view them on your next bill when it's ready. If these were for missed calls and you are noticing that your phone isn't showing them anymore, I do not know of a way you can recover them. Was this a result of a phone update or reboot? Which phone are you using? 


@ShakTiburon@Meowmix, other members of the Community, please feel free to chime in.




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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

they only show as incoming call on the bills. I have had to pay to have Detailed records sent to me . They were received yestreday but half of the spaces are blank. which is not showing anything 

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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

Hi @RogersHassam - I definitely can input on this...

The Court Order itself can request directly from Rogers all the records.
As far as I remember, an officer of the law contacts the service proivder to request these.
And they get all the record for the time frame indentified in the court order.

Incoming calls are not known normally as you haven't dialed them - so they don't record on your bills.
However, Detailing billing will only show partial regardless - not all. so don't expect miracles.
My Recommendation is to request this through court.
As they can request from both parties (you rceiving) and (them calling you) - so it matches up with time stamps and everything.
If the court does this, then neither side can deny it.
(Friend works at a legal office)

Disclaimer: I am in no way even close to certified as a legal advisor, please do some research but I wanted to show you the direction you shouldhead towards...

Also, maybe court doesn't want to get involved? I don't know - but you tell me @cabbywall as far as I assume, you haven't requested this with the court?
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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

Hello. I am looking for my telephone incoming calls log. All I need is the numbers and the dates they called me. but all my bill states is incoming with no number given? So where do you find this information on the bills? thanks

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Re: Obtaining Cell Phone Records

I dont beleive that its a detail which is recorded bill wise.. only outgoing.
(generally for billing purposes, etc.. your only charged for outgoing.. so might need to know WHAT number you got billed for, etc).


Likely for a full incomming log, might fall under needing to go above and byond.

You could try calling in an seeing if thats something obtainable, without needing a court order, etc for full records, etc.