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No customer retention value

I've Been Around

Hello, I usually do not post for bad service provided to a client that has been loyal to a company for over 15+years. Every now and then I hear my friends have upgraded their phones or have faster internet and it all costs less then what I have been paying for.
I got some time this week to call in to Rogers as I saw a few offers online to help me save some money for the next year or two. When I initially called I had to wait 40min before I spoke to an agent and then was told that I need to speak to another department to help with trying to get the offer for my existing service. So I was transfered to that department and waited for 1hr for someone to talk to but the line just cut.
Tried again the second time the next day and was told that they are going to check on my account and come back and tell me what they can do. Waited for 40 to 50 min and my line just cut.
Called a third time today, waited for 40min for someone to come on the line and was told to hold on while they verify me and bring my account up. Put me on hold for 40min and the line cut.
Called a 4th time late in the evening and was told that the offer that I see online does not apply to me. Asked for a solution and was told that I can try purchasing it online and see what happens and that they can't help me over the phone.
I got frustrated and decided to try with the live chat person and was told that the offer is not for my account. I asked them if it is not for my account who is the offer for? No response.
Again I don't like to complain but I am frustrated with this company as they do not care for long standing customers. These are tough and testing times as our economy is slowing down so all j am trying to do is find ways to save some money and none of the people I spoke with were interested in doing so.
I will be shopping around and as soon as I find a better offer I will be gone and not looking back.
I hope people realize that all Rogers wants to do is get you signed up and forget about you.
Thank you and hope this helps people for the future.



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Re: No customer retention value


Good evening @Owlridge,


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for letting us know about the challenging experience you've had with customer service recently. We definitely aim to do better.


If you're still looking for account support and do not wish to spend time waiting on the phones, please send us a private message @CommunityHelps. Click here to learn more about our private messaging system. 






Re: No customer retention value

I've Been Around
I got you beat. My phone broke, I had to order one online because I read it would cost me an extra $50 to order it from a person. Never got a confirmation email so I had to chat to one of those online people. They said phone won’t be coming for a week through Canada Post. Next day I got an email saying my phone had been shipped out and it was coming in two days. The next morning I got a text saying it was coming by purolator today. It’s after 3:00. I’ve rearranged my whole day and it’s still not here. So I phoned, person I talked to didn’t understand my contract, wasn’t sure when the phone was coming and isn’t it annoying waiting. I have to wait cause I have to sign for the phone. She even had my address wrong because sometimes it takes ages for them to update addresses. This company seems to be falling apart and talking to a person that actually knows anything is pretty much impossible anymore.

Re: No customer retention value

Hello @Suzyq633,


Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns with the rest of the Community. Receiving varying information can certainly feel confusing. It sounds like we still have some more work to do when it comes to being more cohesive.  


Just to clarify, for Wireless-only accounts, changing your billing address is as simple as logging into your Rogers profile online and making the change using our self-serve options. 🙂


As for your recent order, when the order is actually shipped out, there should be a tracking number emailed to you along with the shipping confirmation which you may use to keep track of the shipping status...did you happen to receive that? 


If further assistance is required, kindly send us a PM @CommunityHelps and we can try to have a closer look into this for you. 


Thanks so much,




Re: No customer retention value

I spent a total of 7 hours on Monday just trying to update and correct my address on my account.I was bumped from department to department,put on hold again and again,  I’ve been a customer for over 40 years……… finally gave up.   

Re: No customer retention value


Hello @Tiredofwaiting1  !


We appreciate you joining us in the Rogers Community and sharing your recent experience. Apologies for the longer than usual wait times--I understand you were simply trying to get your address updated/corrected. May I confirm, did you move to a new address or is there a typo in your current address that needs to be fixed? What services do you have active with us at this time?


In some instances, you can update the billing address yourself by logging into your MyRogers profile online and navigating to: Profile & Settings > Billing Settings > Change Billing Address. You'll be prompted to 'verify your identity' before proceeding with the changes. For any Move-related requests, you'll want to get in touch with our Moves Concierge Team for further assistance!


We may also be able to get this corrected for you, depending on your situation. Please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can have a closer look and advise accordingly. 


I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your 40+ years of loyalty! Your business means a great deal to us! 🙂


Kind regards,




Re: No customer retention value

We did not move ,I was just trying to correct my home mailing address to accurate information 

Re: No customer retention value

@Tiredofwaiting1, did you get a chance to follow the steps RogersYasmine has mentioned in the post above yours? Please let us know if you still require assistance with the address change.





Re: No customer retention value

I've Been Here Awhile
Continuously proving how much Rogers doesn’t care about the people, just the money. Please prove me wrong
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