No More Shared Data Plans...?

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No More Shared Data Plans...?

We just came off of a 2 year shared data plan.  My wife has a phone, I have a phone.  We share the data, 6GB.  We were paying for the phones over those 2 years.  Now, after 2 years, they're paid off.  However, Rogers thinks that it's an awesome idea to keep charging us the same monthly fee that they've been charging for the past 2 years while we were paying for the phones, still.  I asked them why they do that.  They say it's their policy unless I physically call them and specifically switch to a different plan.  I thought that sounds like a pretty scummy practice, so I checked other carriers.. They lower the monthly bill automatically once the phone is paid off.  Rogers doesn't.  They keep charging the full amount as if I were still paying for the phones.  They see nothing wrong with this practice.

Ok.. so... I ask can I get the same plan MINUS the fees for the phone?  Nope. They don't offer that plan any more.  My wife and I will need to each get a new, separate plan with our own non-shared data.  Minimum, 75 bucks each, minus a couple of bucks for the 2nd line.  Plus tax.  No other option.  Take it or leave it.  I was hoping that over the past 2 years things would be going in a better direction with Canada's carriers, not in a more . direction instead.  


So I'm here hoping someone has some useful advice as to what I can do.  I've checked other carriers, and was told to wait for Black Friday sales, and then jump ship to another carrier.  Is that pretty much my best option?  Because it's all I can see at the moment.



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Re: No More Shared Data Plans...?

Hello @Oatmealsavage,


Thank you for participating in the Rogers Community Forums, we appreciate your first post! 🙂


To ensure we can continue to deliver the best possible experience to our customers, from time to time we review and adjust our plans to reflect ongoing investments in our network and our service. Sometimes, when new plans are introduced, the older plans get phased out. I believe this may be what happened with the plan that you are currently on which is why we are no longer able to offer it with a different tier. Of course, you can still keep the plan/tier that you are currently on if you'd like, so long as you do not make any changes. For customers who do change from an expired (grandfathered) plan to one of our in-market plans, they cannot go back to their old plan.


Unfortunately, we cannot comment on what other providers are doing, however, I want to clarify that we do not automatically downgrade a customer's pricing tier within the same plan as permission must be granted by our customers before we make any changes to their plan and services. There are times that a customer may prefer to stick with their current plan tier as after the 2-year commitment expires, they may want to upgrade to a new device within that current tier. Note: If upgrading the additional line, a plan change may be required.


I'd also like to note that we DO indeed still offer share plan options and non-share plan options through our new Rogers Infinite Plans and you can view these plans HERE on our website. 


For example, if you have two active cellphone lines on legacy price plans and you move BOTH lines over to our 10GB Rogers Infinite Share Plan, this means that each line gets 10GB of max. speed data but the data is pooled together and can be shared. Not only that, we have a current promotion that will provide a monthly discount of $10 off the additional line for the shared option (available for a limited time only). For 10GB + 10GB of shared max. speed data, that's not bad!! Once the 20GB of data is used up, you can still continue using your data unlimited at a reduced speed until your bill cycle resets. This also means no more data overage charges on your bill. 😊


With this being said, we truly appreciate your business and hope you will remain our valued customer!


Kind regards,







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Re: No More Shared Data Plans...?

Thank you for responding. I am aware of the 10 GB unlimited plans. Currently, my wife and I share 6 GB of data. Seriously, that's all we need. Giving us 20 combined GB is crazy overkill. We do not want to pay for a plan that does not suit our needs. Our needs are normal Canada calling/text, and shared data of 6-8 GB for a non-exorbitant price. You don't offer that, and what you do offer isn't what we want. At least not at your price point.

We are a part of the Google ecosystem. We have Google home devices, and Google Pixel phones. We use Android Auto. So we need *some* data. But not 20 GB worth. Our needs are relatively modest, and your price points for your various plans are far higher than what I'd like to pay for what we get, and more importantly, actually use.

I'm not a kid that sits in class all day watching youtube vids on their phone or Facebook while using mobile data. We do not need 2 x 10 GB shared. I'd rather pay for what I need, not for what I'm stuck with because there are no other options.

So unless you do have other options, I am left with my original conclusion, where I will have to wait for other carriers to have their Black Friday deals, and then jump ship at that time.


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