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New Services


After requesting my account be cancelled, my services stopped working on June 12th. On June 13th, I received an email where you illegally billed me for new services without my consent. 

How do I have these services reversed?


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Re: New Services

Hello @danomite1515,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


I understand how concerning it is to receive and email that states your services are reactivated, right after you requested the cancellation of your account.


We most certainly want to investigate this for you. While I hope this email was sent in error, I would like to gain access to your account to make sure we take the necessary measures, if the need may be.


Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps so we can look into this further and make sure everything is right. If you're not familiar with our PM process, you can find instructions here.


Looking forward to your message!