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Multiple Credit inquiries for one Internet service

I've been around

I signed up for Roger’s home Internet via the website. A calander is shown to select a date for a tech to come and install the service. My move in date was not yet available on the calendar so I checked back every couple of weeks until it was. To my horror it turns out that every time I check this calendar a credit check was done though I had not yet agreed to the service. My credit score has greatly dropped as now I have several inquiries by Roger’s for the one Internet service. Is there anyway to have this corrected. In the very least a system change should be made so this does not happen to someone in the future. Thank you Roger’s for destroying my perfect credit.


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Re: Multiple Credit inquiries for one Internet service


Hello @TSpar 👋


A warm welcome to the Community and congrats on your first post! We're elated to have you on board with us. Yikes! We're sorry to hear about the impact on your credit score. I know how important it is to keep track of your credit score and to ensure it is accurate. Has this issue been resolved since you last posted with our Credit Operations Department?


If not, we would be more than happy to have a look into this for you. Please feel free to send us a new PM @CommunityHelps using the steps found here.





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