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Moving Order

I moved on April 10th and the service order was to be closed 24 hrs later. Fast forward to today May 4 and the service order still has not been closed but for some reason I was able to order another ignite box. Went to set it up and there was an error number on my TV. Called in and was told the service order is going to take 7 days!!! So now I have an ignite box that I can not use until this service order is closed.
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Re: Moving Order

Good day, @RAE3!


Welcome to the community forums and congrats on this being your first post! 🙂


I'm so disappointed to hear that you are experiencing this delay in getting your new Ignite box set-up. This definitely sounds like a one-off situation. Hopefully, the rest of your services are in good order! We do appreciate you reporting the problem so we could work to get it fixed for you asap.


Although we cannot make any guarantees, if you would like to send us a private message @CommunityHelps, we can check to see if a ticket was submitted and verify if it can be prioritized and resolved sooner. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


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