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Missing Down Payment

I've Been Around

I am coming to the end of my upfront edge plan and am trying to upgrade my phone. I had a message that I needed to pay 40% down. Anyways… I ordered my phone, made the down payment and then the system glitches.
I checked my bank, money came out, order must have been made right? Wrong! I have been trying over a week to get Rogers to apply the money they have of mine to an order to finish the process. After being sent in circles and the validation team twice since they said they stopped the transaction because it might have been fraud. Over a week later, I still can’t get my order placed. I called the bank and they confirmed that the payment went through.
Not sure what I do now. Thinking of waiting to send my phone back and just going with another provider and fighting to get my money back with the bank’s help. If I do this can I keep my phone number? I need to keep my number for work purposes and if I transfer, I get stuck paying the Upfront Edge amount for the old phone.




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Re: Missing Down Payment

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I know it's often hard to believe (especially if you read through various fraud and billing issues, within these forums), but Rogers actually gets some things right. Hopefully, this is one of those cases, and your bank will get your money back.

I don't know how you made the payment (online banking, e-transfer, debit card etc.), But my similar situation was with a bank debit card and Interac machine (but not with Rogers).


Edit: Once when I used the Rogers website to make a bill payment, I was double-billed, but got the extra payment refunded the next billing period, but your situation is more bizarre.

You focused most of your efforts on Rogers, which is exactly what I would have done ... Had this been the first time something like this had happened to me.

The good news is that you have already done the heavy lifting, and now it's the bank's turn to get your money back (usually within 5-7 business days) after you call them to initiate a bank trace for that transaction.

I'm assuming that the bank didn't run a trace yet, because you spent extra time with the Rogers end. Unless the bank initiated a trace already and it still points to a completed Rogers transaction (highly unlikely since you mentioned a glitch occurred, during the transaction), I expect the bank to rescue you.

Assuming a trace hasn't been run yet , on the same day, or shortly after you call the bank to see if a bank trace was already run, you can use another method to make the down payment (in case your device or interac card reader used, has been hacked) with malware, or whatever).

Whether you use a different device and/or payment method, or the same device and payment method you used before, try it by first using $1 payment towards the down payment to see if it goes through. I assume Rogers doesn't care if you break up your payments into smaller amounts, as long as they get there before the due date.

A similar thing once happened to me several years ago, when I used a bank debit card to make a payment in the same place, with an Interac machine. I used my card, but the transaction slip said that it failed. I checked my account, but for some reason, the money came out of my account. Bye, bye $1000. I pestered the company accountant, but since that did nothing, I tested the same bank card and same Interac machine 2 days later, with a $1 payment, and it Worked! I called the bank and they iniatiated a trace on the transaction. Needless to say, even though I got my money back via the bank trace, I had many sleepless nights imagining that the thief was using the money to buy his girlfriend a fancy necklace.

Hopefully, your situation mirrors mine, and you'll also end up with a happy ending. 🏧💳

Re: Missing Down Payment


Good evening @Mgagnon79,


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If the payment did not post to your Rogers account, then you do have to get in touch with your financial institution to inquire about the payment. If you used a credit card, please check if the charge is showing up under "Posted" or "Authorized". At times payments that show up under Authorized might not be Posted, which wouldn't impact your CC balance. If the payment was made through Interac then the bank would have to assist you with the funds. 


You can also return the Upfront Edge at a retail store and get an upgrade done as well.  Please let us know if you're still looking for assistance with the upgrade.






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