Manufacturer Device Price Matching

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Manufacturer Device Price Matching

Hi Everyone, 


Just wanted to inquire if Rogers matches the prices of devices to Manufactures Price. 


Example: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB) price according to Samsung is $999, However Rogers price for the device is 1299 (No Tab). Can these 2 be matched...?


what will be the device cost per month on UltraTab. 


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Re: Manufacturer Device Price Matching

That price might be on the US site?

The canadian site lists 1199. 

(still $100 cheaper).


But no they dont match the mfg.. i think they only match the other major carriers.

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Re: Manufacturer Device Price Matching

I believe it may depend.  If the manufacturer changes his MSRP, its rare that anyone would charge more than MSRP.  If, on the other hand, this is a "promotion/sale" by the manufacturer and the MSRP is still the same, then others would have the option to price at MSRP or below...


Of course there are always extenuating circumstances where warranties could be different or there is some sort of "tie-in" with another product etc. that makes apples to apples comparisons difficult.