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MY10 question

Hi there, a quick question!


I saved my friend's phone number on MY10, but she doesn't seem to have this addon at all.

We both have Toronto number(647), but I'm mostly away from GTA for work reasons. She stays in Toronto.


Would it be a long distance for her to receive my calls?


Thanks in advance.



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Rogers Employee IMC
Rogers Employee
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Re: MY10 question

As long as she is in her Local Calling Area there is no long distance charge for RECEIVING a call

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Re: MY10 question

Hello gcurve 



As long as she is in Toronto and or in your local area,  there wont be a long distance charge 


The My10 plans have been discontinued and do not exist anymore. 

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Re: MY10 question



Many of us have grandfathered My10 or My5 plans. We will want to keep these because every time that Rogers removes a good and decent feature, it is replaced with something not as good and more expensive! Some of us are quite happy with the older plans and common sense tells us that the more Rogers changes their offerings, the worse they become!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: MY10 question

Correct.. you can grandfather the my5/my10 from previous, if you already have it on your plan, and do not change it.

But any newer user signing up, or someone else who just doesnt have it, is not able to add it on now, as as meowmix said, it is discontinued.

If someones plan works for them.. has what they need, then no need to change it.

If something comes up that you need more, you may have to change.  But keep an eye out and compare all plans.

With my previous plan, was 400 some odd minutes, unlimited rogers to rogers, + my5, 500mb data.  Came to like $68
Was able to change to a plan, unlimited local minutes (so covered my m5 and 95% of the calls i make anyways), 2g data, for $70.


When my5/my10 was removed, it was replaced with most plans having unlimited local and then some unlimited canadwide (now all unlimited canada wide).  But yes, does cost a few more $$ in most cases.

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Re: MY10 question

I still have my My10 on My Account and can update it. I don't know if My10 is actually used when I make a call, though. I always use Rogers One Number, which allows free long distance anywhere in Canada.