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Loyalty and Retention issues

I've been around

It started when I went into a Rogers store for help with resetting a phone and changing the SIM card. I had great service. Knowing my plan was expired and the pricing had been slowly creeping up the employee checked my account. That’s when I learned I was overpaying and could have the same service for $20 less per month ($35 no data standard price offered to anyone). I phoned the Loyalty department since I’ve been a customer for 27 years. They offered me the same standard $35 plan (no data that is offered to everyone). After a few minutes on hold he came back and would include 1 Gig data for $37.50. But, he tried convincing me to purchase a much higher data plan. That doesn’t sound like much of a deal for 27 years of loyalty. With no other options, I ended that call. After almost a week I decided to try again and hoped I could speak to someone with more customer experience ( I was wrong ).

It took being transferred twice to get to the Retention department in Brampton, Ontario. This woman offered me 2 Gigs data for $37.50 (better than the first phone call), then 4 Gigs $41.50, or 6 Gigs $45. All of which she made it sound like she worked hard to arrange these deals even though we were on the phone for forty five minutes and I was made to hold multiple times. I told her the store had already offered me 25 Gigs for $45. Why can the store offer me so much more that the Loyalty or Retention departments? Was it because I was looking at the same computer screen with the employee and saw for myself what the deals are?

Why couldn’t she offer me something in between? Such as halfway between $35-$45 and halfway between 0-25 Gigs.

Also, I have a suggestion: that employees working from home should not eat while on the phone with a customer (even if you are doing it quietly).


Re: Loyalty and Retention issues


Good evening @HarryP702,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I appreciate the details you've shared of your recent experiences with customer service. Please know that some offers are only available to specific teams within Rogers, promotional plans can vary from store to customer service to winback to an escalation team. 


As for the conduct of the customer service representative over the phone, please let us know if you'd like us to share this as a learning opportunity to the individual's manager. We would of course need to get your account details to do so. 



If you are still looking to explore price plan options please keep us posted so we can assist you further.






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