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Loyalty Offers

I've been around

I am a current Rogers Internet customer.
I convinced a friend to switch to Rogers and he got a better rate than I did. When I contacted Rogers to get the same rate, I was denied. How is this possible and what can be done?


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Re: Loyalty Offers

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Resident Expert

@PaulDube : Your friend likely has a promotional offer, which is available only to new customers to draw them to Rogers.  Existing customers do not have access to these promotions.  When their promotion ends, they'll get pricing similar to yours.  "Loyalty" counts for very little when it comes to current Rogers pricing, although you can always contact them to see what they can do for you since loyalty is "appreciated", just not as much as some people want.  Typically at renewal time there are "offers" available to customers willing to renew for another term like 1-2 years.  Just don't expect to get a price that matches any promotional offers for new customers.

Re: Loyalty Offers

Looking for some feedback as to how Rogers decides which mobile customers get what data plan offers.  I currently received a wonderful offer with a huge amount of data for a very reasonable rate but when I tried to have this offer applied to my sister's  phone I was told that this offer was only available for one number.  This doesn't seem fair to me as it looks like one customer is more important than the other.  I feel like all offers should be available to all customers.


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