Lost phone replacement

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Lost phone replacement

Lost my phone this morning. Called the replacement insurance guys. Said that it wasn't the device on my account. 100% for sure it was the device on my account. Chatted with Rogers live chat. They said at first there is no way for them to check or track the serial #/IMEI # of the device for the last 3 or 4 days. Well I suggested that that is not true, I was then told they can not give me the information due to the Privacy Act.

Any idea how to get this rectified?


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Re: Lost phone replacement

Hello @Valhalla

Oh no that's no good!

The device which was lost, did u get it from Rogers or another place?

If you got it with Rogers, they should have a record of which IMEI was in the account last. If you got it from a third party and just put in the sim and started using it, that's true they can't give u a replacement since it was never bought from Rogers.

However it's true. They can not track a IMEI number and give u that information.

You can call Rogers and have them black list the phone. This will disable the phone from working with any carrier and thus making it useless.

Try messaging @CommunityHelps and see what they can do.
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Re: Lost phone replacement

hey hows it going? i lost my phone at the beach yesterday.
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Re: Lost phone replacement

Hello, @abdullahsayeed7.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for joining this conversation; losing the phone can be quite inconvenient. Have you tried using Find My Phone/Device? It may help to track and find your missing device. 


It's recommended to suspend the service and also block(blacklist) the device when it's lost. You can suspend the service through MyRogers. Do you have the device protection plan?


Please send us a private message @CommunityHelps if you need any assistance. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.