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Long Hold times

I've Been Around

It is absolutely ridiculous and hard to comprehend that a ‘communications’ company CANNOT find the ability to communicate with their customers and keep their wait times under an hour (which they then hand up on you). I have been trying since late Oct 2022 to call and short out new terms (contract expired) but have been on hold for over TEN hours on 9 different calls. Today, on second attempt, I waited 7 mins (so pleased) and I finally spoke to a rep today (and that was ONLY b/c I said I was a NEW customer when prompted) but was then told he could not help me in any way and put me back in the queue and placed on hold for 1 HOUR & 36 mins only to be disconnected…again. I have have tried their “Ana” and live chats to no avail yet I am paying premium $ for middle of the road service which cannot be addressed as I cannot get anyone. I have been with Rogers for over 20 years but now it’s time to move on….I can’t even do that as I cannot speak to anyone. This the 3rd month, and an extra $260 in overpayment compared to previous contract. And you want to merge with Shaw…what a disaster. How can I terminate my service without speaking to someone? Is there a BIG RED ‘termite account’ button I am missing? Seriously.



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Re: Long Hold times

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Hmm. The title of this thread is "Long Hold times,"but since there are different ways to contact Rogers, that real problem is still the least interesting thing that you mentioned here.

You mentioned "middle-of-the-road service," so does that mean you have Ignite services that are not working beyond a satisfactory level, due to perhaps frequent reboots, freezing, or other interruptions? If that's the case, it makes it easier to understand why you need to get out right now. Especially if you feel that you are paying too much (+$260), compared to your previous deal.

However, if you still like your current service enough to stay, as long as you can get a lower monthly price, then you should stay. The grass isn't always greener on the other side, so if both lawns are brown, you could stay where you are, or simply remove the grass and build a swimming pool.

Before you go for a swim, you can find that Big Red Terminate your account button, by scrolling down this page to Contact Us, and then when you arrive on the next page, scroll down to "Share a Concern" and reprint what you posted here, and then give Rogers your demand for a better deal, or else you want them to let you go to a better place with an outdoor swimming pool.
You could also try sending a private message to @CommunityHelps if you want a second opinion, or guidance from a real Rogers agent.

And if you are currently on a Legacy plan (rather than Ignite), January seems to be a worse month than December to get a good deal, unless perhaps you get a friendly Rogers Retentions agent, or use a third-party company working on Rogers behalf (although giving 2 pieces of ID to a stranger is a bit too risky for my blood pressure to handle).

Re: Long Hold times

I've Been Around

I have been put on hold every day by customer service .Asking to speak to a manager and they then just hang up 

Never in my life have i dealt with such incompetence 

Re: Long Hold times

I've Been Here Awhile

I have been on hold for over 30 min, and then they decided to cut me off?

Then I had to call back, wait on the queue again for over 1 hr, and finally someone picks up, and tell me this isn't their job, so I got another transfer, waited over 1 hr.... finally someone picked up... they then tell me they are not the team to handle... and now I am in queue again!!!!!!  WHAT THE ?

Re: Long Hold times

I've Been Here Awhile

** UPDATE **

I am still on hold... and all I want is to cancel my service.  And I have been kicking around that no one seems to know how to cancel.

I will never ever use Rogers if I have a choice!


Re: Long Hold times

Hello, @hing3000.


Undoubtedly, being on hold for a long time can be painful. It's disheartening that you are cancelling your service. We have other avenues of support, and you can message our Social Media team via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook, send a message to get the conversation started. 


You can also send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.






Re: Long Hold times

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks for replying, but this is not helping.  Leaving message on Twitter or Facebook won't get anyone to help me.  Rogers should consider simplifying the cancellation process.


** FYI, I am still on hold, just got someone to talk to, but again, they are transferring me to another team....

Not good experience at all, bad customer service in every single way!


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