Loaner phone program feedback

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Re: Loaner phone program feedback

Hello picanco4

That's wrong. Telus does that ONLY and ONLY if your phone is damaged to the point you can't use it. I asked someone on Telus and they told me they give you a device to use until yours comes back and you need a deposit depending on your account. Not all accounts get a loner phone for free.

I do agree tho that Rogers Loner program has outdated devices but so remember, they are giving you this device to use until yours comes back. The deposit is ONLY there in case you damage the phone or Lose it. You get the $50 deposit back once you return the Loner phone. Pretty simply and alot of places do this. Alot of telcos in the states do it as well.

I think they are using older devices because they know if they offer newer ones, the customers will just keep those and not pick theirs up.
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Re: Loaner phone program feedback

Hey thanks for the reply. 

I would just like to say that I know someone that recently got their phone sent out for repair with Telus and he was either not told he had to put a deposit down or he didn't do it. 

I am not saying Rogers has to have brand new loaner phones but maybe they could step up and give us phones that are somewhat on par with the phone you currently have and increase the deposit so if that person deceides not to return the loaner phone they don't get that deposit back. A lot of people use their phones for business and if they get a phone like I did they would not be able to use that. 

I am also not saying I am not greatful that Rogers offers loaner phones because I am greatful that I can have a phone while mine is out on repairs, I am just frustrated that each store doesn't have that many and that the phones are, well, crap. 


I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Loaner phone program feedback

Hello picanco4

As much as i agree with your post, i have to disagree with one sentence you put there. Inceasing the deposit will cause customers more problems as they will complain & say its to much just for a loaner phone which i agree with. Do remember, not everyone has lets say $100 to put down on a loaner phone. The stores want cash / Debit or credit when putting down the deposit so customers will be upset if not angry over this so that is why i disagree with them doing that. This has been done before years ago & this is why they lowered the price down.

Should they get maybe 2-3 year old phones? Yes they should because that way those devices will be somewhat on par with new ones per say. Do remember its also up to the manufacturer IF they will allow the carriers to do this. The carriers must have a agreement with the manufacturer to allow them to carry lets say 2 year old model as a loaner phones.

Each store has a ceartain amount of loaner phones. They can not have lets say 50 loaner phones sitting around. So they get a small amount to give out. Once they are out they either tell you to look at another store or get a new device.

You have another option as well. When contacting Rogers tech support over the phone, they can send you out a refurbished model same as yours & you send yours back via mail once you receive that one. It will only be a $35 charge on your next invoice but this gives you the same model phone you already have.