LTE stopped working after price plan change

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LTE stopped working after price plan change

Yesterday I moved from a Share Everything plan with 2 lines to two separate plans using a corporate rate.


On one of the lines, LTE then stopped working and no amount of restarting data services and the phone will change that. 


Any ideas how to resolve? 


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Re: LTE stopped working after price plan change

Good evening @sf1983,


Welcome and thanks for posting your concern to the Community!

Having access to Rogers LTE network is key to stay connected.


We definitely want to provide you with the help you need.

From what you mentioned, I assumed that by using the term "LTE" you meant mobile data, is that correct?

If not, are you able to connect to 3G, HSPA or HSPA+?


To further assist you, we'll need more information from you. I'm sorry you may feel like I'm asking a lot of questions.


Are you confident that both individual corporate plans include voice, text and data?

Since you're no longer on a Share Everything (shareable) plan, If the price plan on the line in question does not include data, you will only be able to access it while connect to a Wi-Fi network.


If you tried everything you could think of, you may want to refresh your network connections or we may need you to get in touch with us.


Looking forward to your reply!