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Internet and Cable Bulk Agreement

I've been around

Spent hours but no one at Rogers can provide information how to activate services under a Condo bulk agreement account. They keep shuttling from Ignite to Internet to Cable to New Construction Division after taking all the information. No one will provide contact information to escalate the call. " No supervisors are available."


Pretty shocking. But there is no choice. Still have to keep trying and wait until "Rogers returns the call."



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Re: Internet and Cable Bulk Agreement

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Ash179 : Contact your building management personnel.  They should have the contact information - Rogers person, contact number, contract/agreement number, etc.  These Rogers people are a separate division from the Rogers people who handle the typical homeowner.

Re: Internet and Cable Bulk Agreement

Moved into new townhouse, was told it came with free Rogers internet, went to store and said they couldn’t help set me up but to call the “Bulk Specialist” number to avoid any waits. Well I’ve been a home a combined 3.5 hours in two days and am currently waiting again to talk to someone. Is this some kind of discouraging tactic to not have to hook me up?

Re: Internet and Cable Bulk Agreement

Good afternoon @Stillwaiting74!


I apologize for the wait. Were you able to get through to a Bulk Specialist successfully? Please let us know.




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