International Dialing Sequence (Calls/Texts)

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International Dialing Sequence (Calls/Texts)

I am a Rogers customer. I have a Galaxy S4 with a Rogers Share Everything Plan with Value pack which I understand includes Unlimited international text, picture & video messages.


I have been having difficulty in trying to text someone in Perth Australia. I have their area code "048" and their 7 digit cell#. They are a resident of Australia.


I know that Australia's Country code # is 61.

So I tried texting with +61048####### . I received no error reply but they have received nothing.


I searched and googled the "how to" and tried with no avail.

In what I found, they said to contact my provider because sometimes cell services are different internationally.


I just need to know what I am to plug into my phone to send a text to a cell in Perth Australia....


Thank you,




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Re: International Dialing Sequence (Calls/Texts)


Hello, @nsblue


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


I appreciate posting your query in the Community. It can surely be a little confusing to get the correct dialling sequence of any International destination. 


In Australia, the mobile phone numbers begin with 04 (0-national trunk access code, 4-mobile indicator). So the correct dialling sequence from Canada would be +61 8 xxxx yyyy;

  • +61 > International prefix plus Australian code
  •      8 > Local area/city code to reach Perth
  • xxxx yyyy > Eight digit mobile number

Keep us posted of the outcome. 






I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: International Dialing Sequence (Calls/Texts)



Everything is good to go !!


Thanks so much for your help,




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