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International Charges - UK

I live abroad in the UK and use a local service provider for cellular service.  I still have my Canadian phone with me, but don't use it for anything else besides connecting to wi-fi (it is always on airplane mode).  If I take it OFF airplane mode and ensure that all data roaming and cellular data is OFF, will I accumulate any charges by staying connected to an international provider if no phone calls are made?  I want to stay connected to receive texts in case of an emergency at home.  There may be a rare case in which I will send a text home, and in such cases what will the costs be for both receving and sending a text internationally.  My main concern is whether or not there will be charges for simply keeping connected to the network here in England on a Rogers Sim.




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Re: International Charges - UK

Not 100% sure, but normaly I beleive there are no fees for just connecting, but may varry on the carrier you connect to.
Keep data off is a must. To be able to receive text messages, you will need to have roamig on, but ANY and All texts or calls you could be billed roaming charged for.

One option may be signing up for Roger One Number.
Would require your pc being left on most of the time, but can allow you to receive texts and even calls over it, and as it does it over the Internet, no roaming charges 🙂



Just wanted to also update here that if your Rogers Canadian plan includes messaging and you are roaming then you will not be charged for incoming text, you will be charged for outgoing text.  If you make or receive a call then you will be charged for voice roaming.  If you do not have your data roaming turned off and access the Internet you will be charged for data roaming.  You can check out the link below for travel packs/roaming rates.  Hope this helps!

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Re: International Charges - UK

Options for making calls while in the UK


In a few weeks I will be travelling from Canada to the United Kingdom. I'm wondering what the rates are per minute if I were to make calls to a landline number in Canada, and text a cell phone in Canada, from the UK? (without getting any sort of plan)


I'm also wondering what my options are for temporary long distance plans (I will be there for 9 days) for calling or texting Canada from the UK?


I seem to be having trouble finding this exact information online.

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Re: International Charges - UK

If you are on one of the Share Everything plans, you will have the EUROPE roam like home.
Which is $10 a day (that its actually used that day.. if its OFF.. then you are charged nothing).

It will give you canada wide calling from  your destination, to anywhere in canada... so talk as much as you want.

As well data wise.. all data will be based off of what your plan has.  You have a 2g plan for that month? You will only use up however many MB of data off your plan, no data roaming, etc charges.


For any other plans..
Looks like all the addons are HERE: