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Inquiry on Long Distance Charges for customer support purposes

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I received my monthly bill from Rogers a few days ago and was displeased to find a $63 charge for a long distance call I made on February 8th. Confused at first, I realized the call was from a 1+ hour long issue that I was trying to get solved with Amazon. I was contacted by a number from Amazon US, and though I insisted on speaking with Amazon CA, they did not oblige. I didn't think much of it at the time, and figured because it's a customer support line, it was surely toll free...

Well, here I am with a $63 charge and quite upset. Contacting Amazon in the first place was incredibly difficult to begin with, and I don't want to risk another long distance charge call just to get in touch with them. Would anyone from Rogers be able to help me with this?



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Re: Inquiry on Long Distance Charges for customer support purposes


Hello, @JoannaFaye.


Thank you for joining our Community and sharing your concern.


I'm genuinely sorry to hear about the unexpected long-distance charges on your bill. It can be frustrating to face such surprises, especially when you've tried to avoid them. 


While we can't directly resolve charges related to Amazon customer support, I recommend contacting Amazon's customer service. They may be able to provide a resolution since the call was related to their support services. 


Here are a couple of ways to reach Amazon customer service without incurring long-distance charges:

  • Amazon Website: You can access Amazon's online help center through their website: Let Us Help You
  • Amazon App: The Amazon app also offers a built-in customer service option. You can usually find it under "Your Account".


Thank you for your understanding and patience.




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