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Ignite Migration

I've been around

During Covid times, we were all working from home. My wife would have Zoom meetings and during those meetings, our internet always cut out. We contacted Rogers and as usual they do some test and the line is always not an issue. Finally they sent someone out who gave us a new modem and installed a new coaxial cable. Problem continued. I called to upgrade but because of Covid, no technicians could come out but our neighbour had modem dropped off and a technician help with set up from end of driveway. This however was not an option for us.


The past 2 days, I called and spoke to customer retention section. One representative from Ottawa was super helpful and quoted us a price for the Ignite 1.5Gbs, TV (Flex 20) and home phone. She gave me a reference number. Today I called and spoke to someone from Vancouver planning to move ahead with the changes only to be told that my wife who's name was on the account was the only one who could make changes, She was working and called back later in the evening only to be given a completely different price then originally quoted. The representative from Windsor clearly should not be in the customer loyalty section. She said "you should have taken what was offered earlier". We asked to speak to a manager only to be put on hold for a lengthy period of time. I guess she was hoping we would give up.


It is so FRUSTRATING sometimes dealing with Rogers! I feel that loyalty means nothing to them.


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Re: Ignite Migration


Hello, @FedUp_1981.


Thank you for being a loyal member of the Rogers family, and welcome to our Community!


I appreciate you sharing your recent migration experience. Promotions are time-sensitive; most likely, the quoted price didn't hold when you decided to get it later. During the migration, if the account needs to be consolidated, it can only be done by the account holder. Sorry for all the trouble and inconvenience.


You can have the account holder connect with us so we can check exclusive offers tagged to the account. And we can also run diagnostics on your line and take appropriate action to resolve any identified issues.



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