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IGNITE bundles and add ons

I currently have Rogers Ignite 30 250 an dPremier Package with add ons which include International News and Fox News. I also have a bonus channel. I am considering switching to an Ignite bundle because my current promo ends the beginning of May. Does anyone know if these add ons are available for the Ignite TV bundles? I would call Rogers myself to inquire but do not feel like sitting on the phone on hold indefinitely!


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Re: IGNITE bundles and add ons

Good Evening @bg47,

Thanks for your interest in Ignite! We’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

When you are comparing your current traditional cable package to our Ignite TV packages, the main difference is going to be the Flex channels that are available on Ignite TV.

Each Ignite Bundle package comes with specific Flex Channels that can be swapped every 30 days (beginning from your date of installation). You can make an unlimited number of channel exchanges within the first 30 days of installing your Ignite TV services or changing your TV package, and then once every 30 days thereafter.

Please have a look at this page to see the channels that come with each package. You’ll notice that some channels say, “Flex Channel Included” and some say, “Flex Channel”. So the Flex Channels Included are what you start with and you can change them out for any of the Flex Channels. For Example, for the Premier package, there are 88 Flex Channels available. (Fox News being one of them)

There are also Theme Packs you can choose from which can be found, here. (We do have the International News package available.)

Also, if calling isn’t your thing, you can always reach us by Live Chat, Facebook or Twitter. 🙂