How much to add lines to share everything?

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How much to add lines to share everything?

Hello.  I want to get a share everything plan for myself and add my two kids.  They have paid down the flex tabs on their phones.   I'd like to know how much it will cost to add two lines for them.  We're all Rogers customers with separate accounts at the moment.




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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Hey @Binap
Answer is very simple, but varies on which Shareeverything plan you speak of, since there were different variants of them

Will you be switching to the New ShareEverything+ (Plus) plan? and then moving the other two lines that are on separate accounts into your account? (3 lines in total).

ShareEverything+ BYOD additional lines will be $35 each or $40 depending of what kind of calling feature - which will share Data with the main line. (Text is unlimited Canada Wide; $5 difference of 35 or 40 is based on if the each line needs canada-wide or local calling)

Here is the Link: Adding-Additional-Lines


If you're questio is specific to your account (because you have a Shareeverything plan already for your single line); then you can either call Customer service so they can talk about your account specifically or @CommunityHelps can assist as well.


For privacy, discussing personal account details are not discussed on public community forums 🙂


Does that clarify anything?


Oh!~  and the reason I didn't price your mainline, becuase that would be your choice based on data you want to share.

Which can be found here: Main-Line-Plans

[[Note anyting above 2.5GB is ShareEverything+ (plus) which gives you 'Experience' - Shomi, NextIssue or Spotify! :]





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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Hi, and thanks for your response.  I'm thinking about switching to a share everything plus account with unlimited talk and text in Canada.  I'd like the kids lines to each have unlimited talk and text in Canada, as well as share the data.   It sounds like it will cost $40.00 per line for the kids, correct?  Thanks again,



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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?



Welcome to the community!


Yes, you are correct.  Smiley Happy

With our new Share Everything plus plans (500MB / 1GB / 2.5GB / 5GB / 9GB / 15GB .), an additional line with "No Tab Canada-wide" is $40 per month + additional 9-1-1 fees (if applicable).

If you have additional questions let us know Smiley Wink




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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?


I just chat with one of your respresentative regarding share everything plan with local calling with 1 GB data sharing  $75 and add 1 line with canada wide calling $35 and another line with canada wide calling $40. (according to the answer from previou session). However, she said another additional line should be $50?!?!  

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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Depends upon what you want for your second line - there is no difference between smart picks which is giving you the basic line for 50.00 for unlimited phone + 5.00 for unlimited Canada.  If you want a premium phone for the second phone, it is 60.00 per month, + 5.00  Basic talk and text (which is not unlimited is 35.00.


There has been a lot of changing around of the pricing models over the last year since the two year plans came fully into place, and Rogers is pushing people to higher tier pricing models with incentives of value added (value added is their definition, not necessarily what you consider value for the money - that one is your choice).  The description of those phones plans are found under non-share plans.  Those plans have local minutes, so I would also suggest you enquire what the share everything unlimited local or Canada wide means in terms of sharing to the other lines.  I don't fully understand how this all works, as I don't use it.  I have never found any benefit personally to go that direction, but clarify how it all works.  There is a FAQ at that explains things, but I don't know if it is still fully current.


I have lost the ability to keep track of where these plans are going and they seem to change frequently, so wander the web site a bit, get to know the different options of share everything, plans - Premium tab, smart tab, and no device - there used to be price difference between no device and smart tab, but they are now the same.


Under the 1GB options and higher, there is an option for add more devices, with premium devices - high end smart phones at 60.00, smart tap - middle level phones - at 50.00 - and byod (your own phone) is also 50.00 monthly no term though. I guess they want you to have incentive to buy a phone and go on 2 year contract, but you can do either option on smart tab, premium tab gives only 2 year contract.  In the fine print in the bottom, it doesn't appear that these additional phones have option of unlimited canada, just local, but maybe the 5.00 option is available.


My advice is look through the options on line, then work with a rep, or use community helps here to guide you.


I have found with the reps, things change so much that often they don't know the product options well enough.  They are right, a premium tab second phone is 60.00, but there are lower options.


It may take a few contacts before you find the deal/options you are fully looking for.  


The figures higher up in the thread are from last June, and the plans have changed up 3 or 4 times since then.


The web site has the new prices and options, but sometimes there can be other options, as well as possible add-ons you may desire that you can discuss.


Happy shopping.  Bruce

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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Here is the easiest way to work it out.


The primary line on the account will have a base cost plus how much data you want. If you BYOD, or go on a Smart Tab plan and phone, then your base cost is $50.00 with unlimited local or $55.00 with unlimited nationwide.


So depending on how much data you want, you add that on to the base cost. So it goes $20.00 for 500mb, $25.00 for 1GB, $35.00 for 2.5GB, $50.00 for 5GB, $70.00 for 9GB, $100.00 for 15GB, $170.00 for 30GB, and $320.00 for 60GB.


So once you determine your base cost and how much data, that is the cost for the primary line.


Additional lines are a bit easier to figure out. So you have $35.00 for talk & texting only, $50.00 for BYOD/Smart Tab with the shareable data, and $60.00 for Premium Tab with shareable data. If you want to have unlimited nationwide calling on these lines, add $5.00 to the cost.


'Rinse & repeat' for every additional line you want.

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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Was trying to add a line until


I stopped by a Rogers store on my way home from work today to pick up a SIM card and add a Share Everything line to my account for my son. Turns out the $20 promo ended yesterday. I could swear it still said it was good on the website, but I must have had a cached version or just been nuts. Agent at the store suggested I call in to customer service to see if there's anything they could do for me.


I wish I hadn't called. It was the single most frustrating experience in my 16 years of being a customer. Not only was it a complete waste of time, I feel if there was anything LESS that could have been done, that would have been the suggested solution.


This isn't a new issue, I've noticed a pretty steady decline in your customer service for years, but I still find myself a little shocked by how little you seem to value your long term customers.

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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

Hello @bawbaw


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


Sounds like you've had quite the ordeal after speaking with us on the phone. I know how frustrating that can be and I would like to apologize for the negative experience that you've had speaking to us thus far.


We'd like to look into this matter in more detail for you please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can take a closer look.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.





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Re: How much to add lines to share everything?

So you're telling me that contacting your forum support people will result in a different outcome from talking to your front line support person for 30 minutes, and then speaking with customer retention for 30 minutes, and then conversing with your customer support via e-mail?


How about you contact me if you come up with a way to give a 16 year customer a promotion that had expired less than 16 hours previously, I'm pretty much done investing more time in this at this point. You have my information.