How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

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How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

Can any service rep tell me how legit is this number ??

I just moved into a condo - and Rogers were apparently offering a free 6 months internet and VIP package. The Area Manager took some basic information (2 pieces of ID number = one of which was a credit card but he didnt ask for Exp Date or Security Code).


Another person followed up after that over the weekends - calling numerous times - and said that they will need the CC expiry date and security code prior to arranging a technician over.


I contacted the Area Manager two days after and he said understood the situation, and asked to call this 1878-764-3771 to complete the registration.


I googled it and some people said it is a legit Rogers number and others says it's a scam (with this number showing up on the credit card).


It will be great if some rep can clarify this!


Thx in advance !


** EDIT : June 2nd - 3:11 pm - *** The number given was 1888-764-3771 ***



***Edited Labels***

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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

In lieu of a moderator responding to you, call the Rogers Contact Number at 1-888-764-3771.  That is the number that I use when I call Rogers.  I'd speak to a sales rep to see if you are or have been registered for any services.  Be prepared to cancel you credit card immediately if your previous contact was a scammer.  I think usually you would call the company, but there is a third party company I believe that does some marketing on behalf of Rogers.  Don't quote me on that however.


Notice the difference in the phone numbers.  The one you stated was an 878-764-3771, so, kind of interesting.

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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

Sorry - my mistake - the number is 1-888-764-3771. Rogers listed their number as 1-888-764-3772 on the website.
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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

Rogers has a lot of toll free # some link to other departments - If in doubt you can call the main toll free # and verify any information you get.

Its always best to be sure!!! But the # is legit... It comes up on free preview channels if you want to order


1888ROGERS1 is what the number is... Just put that together now... It the main rogers #.  If you call it you should get to rogers IVR 

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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??


I keep getting calls on my only Bell phone line from this number and the reps are persistent and very rude. I was just called a liar by one when I said I have my wireless accounts, internet, and home phone with Rogers. Last week, one called me a MF when I interrupted his spiel to tell him I'm with Rogers. Yes, I do have one Bell line, but that's not the point.


Even if I had all my services with Bell (which may very well happen very soon if these calls from such rude people continue) and I lie about it, it means GO AWAY - I'M NOT INTERESTED.


I'm just wondering if this is a scam, third party sales, or real Rogers employees.



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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

I just had a call supposedly from Rogers and supposedly from 888-764-3771 (i.e. Rogers1) but I really doubt that this was actually from Rogers.  I do believe the number was spoofed.  His use of English was appalling ... he had a heavy Indian/Pakistani accent.  The noise in the background was extremely loud just as if he was calling from the duct cleaners or the windows support scammers.  He asked ME what Rogers services I had ... I told him I had TV and that's ALL I have and I'm not getting any more.

This sounds like a scamming call.


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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

Good afternoon @stuartb!


Welcome to our Community!


Your gut feeling on this one was right. I highly suspect this is a scam call too and it's the fact that they asked what services you have that gives it away. 


When we do outbound calling to our customers, we have your account in front of us. We know what services you have. The only thing our agents should be confirming with you are your contact number (in case the call drops) and your name. If they ask you any other identifying questions or ask you what services you have, that's a red flag.




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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

Here's a link with tips on knowing if the number is being spoofed:

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Re: How legit is this number - 1878-764-3771 ??

I just received a call from 888-764-3771, which I see is the Rogers number.  A man with a heavy accent identified himself and said "I see you are using Bell". I'm not, I have an independent telco which uses Bell lines. I said "no" and hung up. It could have been someone from Rogers wanting to sell me Rogers Home Phone, or it could have been a spoof selling something else. Not interested either way.

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