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Hardware Upgrade Question

Planning on upgrading my phone to a Note Edge and I was wondering, what do you need to pay for when you go and pickup your device other than your FlexTab?

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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

You'd need to pay your device balance as you mentioned, a $20 connection fee, and the whatever cost of the new phone might be depending on the voice & data plan you get.

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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

Will the two year contract of the smartphone be included on your monthly bill even if you already have the Share Evrything plan? or do you just have to pay half the price of the phone because you are already with the phone company.

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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

Good evening @WL12345!


Thanks for your post and Welcome to the Forums!


If you currently have a Share Everything plan, you need to verify your Device Payment Option

Here are the 3 different ways that you can pay for your device:


  • Premium Tab : Pay the lowest price on your device today.
  • Smart Tab : Pay more for your phone upfront and save $10/month on your plan.
  • No Tab : Bring your own device or pay for it in full and save $20/month on your plan.

The cost of the devices, are normally the lowest subsidized price possible with a Premium Tab Share Everything plan.

The amount in question is billed to your next invoice and your contract is based on the subsidy you receive through the hardware upgrade.


Hope this helps! Smiley Wink



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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

The interesting thing about the whole hardware upgrade question is the whole discussion of subsidization.


I have done the math in many different directions, and the only subsidy that is occurring is that you are getting a plan that may or may not include options that you really want or need, and you are getting a phone a full price, but spread over the two year term with basically a no interest loan.  That represents a savings of around 200.00 in interest on a typical 18.8%, so you could say it is subsidized, if you decide to use a credit car to pay for it and pay it over two years.  But there are many options to buying any item on credit including lines of credit, low interest credit cards, low interest loans, etc.  Shop around and see what you can find.


My preference is actually to set 20.00 a month away in a bank account and earn interest on it in say a TFSA, so it is tax free interest.  Then at the end of 2 years, you have basically the same amount of money that you would have to pay over two years.  So consider getting a low interest loan rate and pay as quickly as you can and you have your phone.


My only issue with Rogers, is that they give you only one option for bring your own device (i.e., paying for your own phone), and that is on the share anything plans, that for some include all sorts of options that you may not need at all such as data, roam like home, shared minutes, text, and data, and you may not be getting the best pricing on the phone choice.


So do the math, and figure out how you want to approach getting your hardware "upgrade" or replacement.  The best deal is actually with other service providers who give you discounts for bringing your own phone and making these available on all of their plans, even their lowest plans if you can find a way to either pay up front (in two years, your savings, even with rogers plans if you buy out your phone, will result in 20.00 per month in savings on the same plan, and at the end of the two years, you are not restricted to staying with share everything, or the top plans. You can choose voice and data only if that is what you need.


So be smart, carefully sit down and compare the various financing options or saving options to plan to replace a phone. Personally I haver never replaced a phone in less than four years, except when one was stolen in the family. Then look over the costs and options of the various companies, buying direct from the company, or from a carrier. Rogers will not support your phone if you buy it from another provider, but most of what you need to know is availble on these forums from others in the know.  Take a look at all providers.  Even Fido, the sister company to rogers, or Petro Can which runs on rogers network, provides you a much greater range of plan and purchase options across all types of plans, and phones.


So my point, is take your time, wade your way through the marketing hype of terms like pay 0 dollars (implies free), subsidized, etc, figure out just what the subsidy you are getting, and are you getting plans that best meet your current needs, or are you getting for "free" things like Shomi, and other stuff, Roam like home (do you actually roam enough to warrent it, if so, it may benefit you), phone protection plans (sort of like extended warrenties at Best buy - research how much it really benefits you and be very careful with the fine print), unlimited services of voice and text (do you really need it), Canada wide calling, and addons.  Some companies include much of these things too, often at lower rates.


So take your time, shop around and do the math and figure out what financing plan (yes a subsidized plan is merely a financing plan - no interest, and saving 20.00 on a 500.00 subsidy, but requiring your to possibly buy into services that your really don't want).  If you want them and use them, yes it can be a good deal, but think before you say yes.


Just my ongoing mission to educate people, that nothing is free, and to get the "free" phone may be costing you more in the long run in money and unused services.  And good planning of financing for future expenditures is always a way too.  If you really can't afford to pay for a phone outright, what would you do if you suddenly lost your job or became injured and couldn't work.  You will have to pay out the balance at a time when you can least afford it.


Be wise and financially literate.


I know many may not agree with me, but I am money wise in my spending.  I am not cheap or highly frugal, I do spend on luxuries, but I am always aware of what it is really costing me and the obligations I am committing to, same as if I was signing for a loan or mortage - what are the cancellation, prepayment options - you can't opt out of your plan unless you pay off the whole bill, but on a loan, you can reduce your interest and pay it off faster and then switch plans.


Always be marketing wise - companies pay millions of dollars and use the most current science on how to change and manipulate human purchasing behaviours, so educate yourself so you are doing what is best for you, not the shareholders of a company.


My elementary and highschool lesson on finances, budgeting, real costs of purchases that I gave to all students when I taught.  At the end of the day, they all make their own decisions, but hopefully in a highly educated manner.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

Where can we find the Smart and Premium prices for these phones? It's very misleading and disappointing. 


I currently have a $75/mth Share Everything 2gb plan.


I wanted to pay off my $112 tab and upgrade to the Note 4 for $219.99 as listed.


I was then told since I'm on a "Smart Plan", the "Smart Price" would be $384.99 for the Note 4 instead.


Nowhere online in any section of Rogers.com does it state any other price for the Note 4 other than $219.99. No mentions of premium tabs, etc. Nothing.


So where can we find any such Smart vs Premium device pricing?

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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

If you look at the pricing page


shows the different plans.


By default, the price/setup there is on Local calling unlimited, smart tab, and X amount of data.
If you want to select canada wide, click on it, it adds $5

Then below, there is Device Payment Options
It allows you to change the plan for premium, smart, and no tab.


Each type of  phone.. if getting a hardware credit, either requires a smart or premium tab.. usually the BIGER the amount off.. it requires the premium.  Older phones with less off, usually can get the smart plans.  Pretty much you are paying more on the plan to pay back the more expensive hardware credit.


Off of this link (only place i could find it)

There are links to 'view smart tab phones' and 'view premium phones'
Will break down which specifically are capable on one plan or the other.

There may be other things.. like using a smart plan on a premium phone.. BUT since your not paying the extra on the phone plan.. the CREDIT they give you is less.


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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

Hi I am trying to hardware upgrade onlin and your system is asking me go with option for no term and full payment for next month invoice. Please help me with this issue so i can do my upgrade online.


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Re: Hardware Upgrade Question

Hello @jassi_khangs,


Welcome to our Community Forums Smiley Happy!


If you still require help with your hardware upgrade, please reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps the next time you're onlline. We can help look into some options for you.


Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.