Group Text = MMS?

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Group Text = MMS?

I was charged 20 bucks this month for sending US/Intl video/pictures.  I have unlimited texting to the US/Int'l as part of my plan. 



After beating my head against the wall with chat support for over an hour, the only thing I can deduce (he would not confirm this) is that group texts count as pictures/video?  Every instance he gave me as a picture/video message sent was nothing more than me texting multiple people from the US in one message. 


Is this the case?  Do group texts count as MMS messages?  I think I might be boned here...


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Re: Group Text = MMS?

Good evening @Erix,


Thank you for you post and Welcome to the Forums!


We can definitely understand how frustrating it must be not being able to understand some of the charges billed to your account.


I have not heard of a known issue where some of our customers would have been billed for a picture message when they in fact send multiple text messages at once. Your phone will automatically switch between SMS and MMS, whether an attachment is included or if you are only sending a "text".


  • What type of device are you currently using?


  • Do you or your recipients use an "app" for texting?


Anyone in the Community experienced this situation before?





I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Group Text = MMS?

Hey, thanks for the reply.


Nexus 5.  I use a 3rd party app called Textra for sending messages.  I have no idea what my friends who receive the messages are using.  I actually just checked the settings after you mentioned 3rd party apps, and, it was set to send/receive group chats as MMS messages.  I am therefore assuming MMS messages aren't covered under the US/Int'l texting portion of my plan.

Rogers Employee ShakTiburon
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Re: Group Text = MMS?

Hiiiiiiiii @Erix

This is actually normal.
Third Party Apps will use MMS protocol to have a larger scale message sent faster.
MMS for US/Intl package doesn't exist. Only SMS.

I am glad you checked the setting so you found your own answer. However, if you still run into this issue after changing the settings, here are other things to consider:

You can STILL send group SMS using your native application and it will go through without a problem. (but you will receive as individual thread, annoying - i know)

Also, What is the size of your message? If its larger than a set about on characters (no not 160, I believe its beyond 160 x 6 truncated messages) it will be converted to MMS,

Also other possibility is if you use "emojii" that are app specific even after turning the group MMS setting off, it will instantly makes it into MMS because those emojii will be considered images.

(In fact some android native messaging app were converting to MMS before the update to lollipop; my note 3 had this issue.)

You are right that MMS is not covered under your US/Int'l SMS plan. It only covers SMS.

I am gonna look into Textra myself, seems like a useful messaging app. 🙂

I hope @RogersMaude has helped you plenty!

Just wanted to add a little bit of background info!

btw, Nexus 5. Nice phone 🙂
I'm a Regular
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Re: Group Text = MMS?

@Erix Your guess is 100% correct. When you send a message to multiple people within on "text" message from the standard phone messaging app with, in this case Rogers(or roaming partner), it counts as 1 "MMS"

Hope that helps.

I've Been Around
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Re: Group Text = MMS?

How do I disable the MMS automatic response or receipt of Group SMS messages on a Blackberry Priv?  I am getting dinged for each group text message received and sent for simple text messages.  I am using the Text app included with the Priv (Android app of some sort). 


Please help - its expensive - last 3 months was about $150 and I'm not sending them!


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Re: Group Text = MMS?

Good day @cperch,


Thank you for posting your inquiry to the Community, we appreciate your contribution!


I know how much of a bad surprise it can be to find your monthly bills higher than normal.

We most definitely want to assist you with getting this sorted.


While I am not sure how to disable receipt of Group short messages on a Blackberry Priv, I can definitely assist you in finding you a plan that would include them!

In fact, most of our current plans do include picture and video messages.

I am therefore confident we could figure something out that would allow you to prevent additional charges while continuing to use your device the way your normally do.


To do so, we'll have to access your account. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps, when you have time. For more info on our private messaging system, check out this blog.


Looking forward to your message!