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Great Customer Experience

I want to take 5 minutes out of my very busy day to commend my interaction this morning with Rogers.

Linda was very patient, knowledgeable and assisted until all issues were resolved.  I am in the Customer Service industry and I am the first to make constructive complaints, but I will also be the first to take the time to acknowledge when the service has been above and beyond - this is what I experienced today.  I have had issues with Rogers in the past, however today I received proper attention and service.  Thankyou so much Linda for making my Friday Fantastic!  Ref: I 971041607

I hope Linda received the proper recognition she is so deserving.

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Re: Great Customer Experience

Thanks for the feedback @User1675213! We really appreciate it. 


We have this handy website here where you can send in any compliments you may have for an agent:



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Re: Great Customer Experience

I don't have the names and employee id#s of the reps I have talked with in billing and tech support, since I came back to Rogers last month, but each rep I talked with was professional, helpful and friendly. I had been with Rogers for decades and left in a bit of a huff after all the changes via CRTC etc.

I have learnt a lot about great customer experience. First of all I have noticed that Rogers has been making efforts to improve the wait time to be connected to which ever dept., you're calling, reps seem to be better trained in projecting an interest in working with you to find a resolve to your problem and I have changed my attitude as well.

Recently I went to a Rogers store to pay my bill. Days later my payment was still not showing and I must have called  at least 3 times until the last call the day before yesterday. While talking with this last rep about my account, it suddenly dawned on both of us to check the acct. number. Sure enough my payment had been applied to my old acct. prior to leaving Rogers and the new acct. # was I guess an oversight.

I don't know who mentioned it first her or me, but I praised her for finding the problem. She was so helpful and looked after every detail to make sure my info from her end was up to date. 

Great customer experience I believe is a 2 way street. Sure there are times when it just seems like you've called on a bad day, at a bad time and ended up with a rep not from this world (That is not exclusive to Rogers.) 

I've also had some interesting conversations with some techs who have indicated to me how difficult and nasty people can be, actually being abusive to the Rogers person who's in their home installing or repairing etc. (I have read reviews and forums, talked with others who have been ridiculously demanding with a sense of entitlement.)


My great customer experience has been plentiful with everyone I have been in contact with at Rogers. Think what it must feel like for the reps to listen to and attempt  to help customers who 'want what they want when they want it.'

I want the people at Rogers who's help I've needed to feel that they too have had a great customer experience with me.


I discovered that if a company has far exceeded their level of incompetency then it really doesn't make any difference if you're friendly and polite, because your problem doesn't get fixed it just festers.

But a company like Rogers welcomes feedback and from my years with this company, tries and does succeed in improving the level and quality of communications between the customer and the rep or tech.

So thank you to the woman who helped me get my account straightened out and thank you to the couple of guys in Moncton who I've called in a panic at 4am about my TV and many thanks to the   technicians that have come out to fix whatever it's been so that my TV and internet are working again.

I am grateful for your improved training and representing Rogers in ways that ensure my experience is very positive.

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Leonard Cohen
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Re: Great Customer Experience

More often than not, Rogers customer service rep is not only aggravating but painfully frustrating. So when a rep comes along and has gone out of his way to keep a customer satisfied, I am speechless. I don’t know what to say other than I am impressed and truly grateful. Nick from Loyalty Department is just that. Not only he provided a much better option for me than what I currently have but he kept his promise to ensure that my current rate are better if not at par. I don’t often encounter such impeccable customer service so it is good to know that there are still people like Nick who are outstanding in his dealing with clients. I am glad I waited on the phone for a while. My perseverance paid off because Nick understands what excellent customer service is all about. Thank you Nick for truly an exceptional customer service.


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Re: Great Customer Experience

Hello @suedabu,


Thank you for your post and Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


It's really great to hear about the positive experience you had dealing with our Customer Service Rep Nick. Too often we end up hearing about the bad experiences but it's quite refreshing to hear about an exceptional experience.


Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Community.



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Re: Great Customer Experience

Yes I agree that it is great to hear both perspectives and I aim to do the same and defend Rogers and all when it is earned. Thanks for letting us know.


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Re: Great Customer Experience

What jumped out at me about the OP  is that this  thread is  about Nick  and his great customer service ... not Rogers    .   I found it interesting that even  @suedabu pointed out that  he was special  because his customer service was unusual  . Here"s hoping Rogers trains  more Nicks in the future or gives the current staff the  support to be a "Nick " .  Smiley Happy

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Re: Great Customer Experience

Hi All!

Recently I called Rogers because I need help with something to do with one of my products that I needed some clarification on how to use it more efficiently..something like that. The CSR was most helpful and a very good teacher! Before the call ended she mentioned to me that my promotion was coming to an end soon. It was said to me in such a way that I expressed my gratitude for the heads up and so the way in which she told me was obviously with my best interest at heart.

Over the next week or 2 I talked with a few more people at Rogers about new promotions, what I could afford etc., and then was told about some new promos. 

A few days later I called back to just go over the offers and ended up talking to Saul in Moncton who was informative, great listener, very understanding and helpful. 

Typically before calling Rogers especially at renewal and negotiating time, I can feel an anxiety creeping up on me in anticipation of what it's going to cost me. Saul was has a wonderful sense of humour and we talked for a long time. Through the friendly, amusing chit chat he never lost his professionalism and was so committed to making sure I was getting the best of what I wanted in the renewal of my bundle.

By the time our call ended I not only was more than satisfied with my new promo I felt even more part of the Rogers family.

The other day I signed into my Rogers to check my new charges and found that my charges were all wrong.

I didn't panic, didn't get upset. Called back Rogers and talked with a couple of people in different departments

Again, It was a very positive call and everything got straightened out and even got a slightly lower rate!

As the call was just wrapping up the woman I had been talking with, who's name I can't recall right now, (apologies for my forgetfulness), told me I had made her day and I was the best call she'd had so far.


Besides being a Rogers customer since the last century (the 70s) in my older more mature ways, I've learnt that most of the time the way in which you'd like to be treated is the key to how you treat others.

Usually as the CSR introduces themselves,I write ot try to remember their name because I then address them respectfully. I ask how they are and show them that I am interested in doing business with them. I acknowledge them in a positive way, even have a few laughs, maybe tell a joke or share a relevant cute story. 

I know how trying it is to do one's job well even when challenged by customers who let out their anger and frustrations because they're having problems with their charges or /and their product.

That approach is so not necessary and does not make wanting to help easy or pleasant. If anything it often borders on  verbal abuse. That's no way to do business. You earn respect by your thoughtfulness of being kind .


I am very proud to tell everyone that I am with a company that has fantastic customer service, which is nearly extinct especially with other like companies.

Another thing, rather than being reactionary and projecting anger and frustration on the CSRs because of a problem, research it before hand, check out you tube, go into the manufacture' websites, read reviews, check out forums to see if others have had the same or similar issues and then if the issues still exists, call Rogers.

Doesn't hurt to mention what you found out good or bad, useful or not, to whomever you're talking with at Rogers.

Sales, techsupport etc., are there to take your orders, but not to ordered around!

We all can do our part in helping Rogers help us!

Thanks a bunch!



' There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen
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Re: Great Customer Experience

Hello and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums @luna,


I truly appreciate the time you took to share a good customer experience. We strive to deliver a positive experience and it's amazing to hear that we've succeeded in your case. Your words are very encouraging and I'll try my best to have the feedback forwarded to the right representatives.





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Re: Great Customer Experience



I am in agreement with everything you have put forward and am sure that the Rogers staff appreciate the compliments on their work with you.


I do want to highlight a couple of things with you - You mention Karma - I use Buhhdist philosophical principles in my day to day life, and I am pleased that you have the skills to keep a positive, do no harm outlook towards the situation at hand in the moment and your knowledge of your anxiety.


I have had a lot of success in my own workings with Rogers over the last few years, using this approach, but I can't say that I have always been that way, nor that the it is easy to get there.


One has to become very excepting of what has happened, and that they only have control over how they can respond to what comes next.


I have had 9 years of therapy for PTSD to reach this level, and appreciate that you complimented Rogers, I always do too and give the person feedback on their work as well. 


I do recognize that some may be challenged to deal with when they "feel wronged", and it may be a challenge to work, and my advice when this happens, is to politely take a break away, ask the person to pause while you find composure, or you can also, just thank you for their time and call back, or you can also go to a higher level too.


Do one's best to be polite and problem solving, but if you are too challenged at this time to do it, step away and come back at another time


Thanks for putting your experience forward - it educates all that there are real people on the other end, and if you are in a position to do so, keep it polite, and productive, and if you need to come back at it later, do so.