Google Play / Carrier Billing Declined

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Re: Google Play / Carrier Billing Declined

A factory reset is about the most worthless option available. This is a billing problem, either serverside with Rogers or Google. Wiping a phone would in no way imaginable solve this issue. Even if it was remotely feasible, simple clearing the cache and data of the Play Store and Play Services app would in most cases do enough to fix this type of problem. You should stop advising people to wipe their devices when it is not necessary and can cause loss while fixing absolutely nothing.
And BTW, ripping YouTube videos to MP3 is against their terms of service and is copyright infringement.
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Re: Google Play / Carrier Billing Declined

Hello @Bcsc

If you have read my posts, in only one post I suggested doing that and it was 3.5 years ago of that reply. Second i actually said in a couple posts ( if u missed on reading them) that there might be a code or something with the account causing this. Again reading the whole thread would be best before making any comments toward others that are being helpful! 🙂

Third. This has NOTHING to do with YouTube or the bookmarks I have. Please stay on topic! 🙂
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Re: Google Play / Carrier Billing Declined

Ok so my billing cycle resets on the 8th and my limit was reached on my google pay which is 100$ its supose to reset on ur billing day but mine has still not reset an I can not make any purchases can someone please tell me why this is happening an also how to fix it Haha
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Re: Google Play / Carrier Billing Declined

Good morning @Brandonsv604,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post :).


Is the billing limit reset since you posted? Are you experiencing problems with in-app purchases on a specific app or more than one app? How is your billing set up?


Just need a little bit more info to assist you further.