Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

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Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

It's been 3 days since I'm trying to reach out to Rogers Direct customer support with no luck. 3 days!!!

Every time I get "All our agent are currently busy..." and disconnect.

It's been 48 hours since I've submitted a request online to change my wireless plan and upgrade hardware - dead silence.

Dear friends, was anybody able to contact Rogers Direct and how did you do that?  1 844 403 5909 is the phone number I tried...


P.S. Considering changing carrier after staying with Rogers for 8 years. Customer service wasn't great in the past but it was bearable. Lately, the amount of frustration is just over the top.



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Re: Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

Good day @Galian,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!


Having the ability to bring changes to your phone plan and upgrade to a new device should be a simple process.

We certainly want to help you reach a resolution, so you can stay connected with a device you enjoy using.

  • What type of account do you currently have?

Depending on whether it is a corporate or business account, you may need to contact different departments.


You can speak with a Rogers representative regarding an Employee Price Plan by dialing 1-888-645-4903 or visit this page for more information.


With regards to Rogers Direct, you can dial  1-844-7ROGERS (1-844-776-4377) to reach an agent or check out the Rogers Direct FAQ for all the details.


Based on the agreement your employer has with Rogers, you might be referred to a specific dealer.


Hope this helps!



I've Been Around
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Re: Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

If any option to be assisted with Rogers Direct to be enrolled in Corporate Plans, I have more than two months trying and trying to create the account and nothing. I called many times to
1 (844) 403-5909 and the same answer: “ go to the link a enrol there. When I opened the link the system asked to create an account but the account can’t be create if you have a code and the code can’t be received if you don’t update and loading versions of Microsoft 7, 11 , XX, bla bla etc etc .but at the same time there programs to be loaded that are discontinuing and start again to call and call and call.. again hours to insist in register you realized that is missing support. I call back Rogers direct again and after waiting and waiting finally the support employee repeat again same statement: go on and create your account in a nobody in Rogers can help me. Once again. Any supervise that can assume the responsibility to assist in help me about it ? Options ? 

Thank you !!!!

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Re: Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

Good evening @fuenmayorernest,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post. 


I can imagine how frustrating this experience may have been for you. May I know if you already have a passcode? If yes, then what happens when you try to enter the passcode on Did you try to update the program you were prompted to update? 


We need a little bit more information to address your concern.





I've Been Around
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Re: Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

Wow. I placed an order more than a week ago that hasn't shipped.


I tried the web.

The link to "Support" on the website opens an "under construction" page.


I tried calling.

The automated answer to calling the rogers direct number explains they have "higher call volume than usual", then hangs up.

Calling the small business center, I've been on hold 3 times for more than 25 minutes each. Over the weekend, I was told, you'll need to talk to the people at rogersdirect...


I tried online chat support.

40 minutes into an online chat, I get a response, "The order is pending because the activation is in progress." And when I asked, "What does that mean and what blockers need to be removed?" I didn't receive a response for 5 minutes (keep in mind, this is now after several hours of trying) and gave up.

Way to be, Rogers!

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Re: Getting through to Rogers Direct Support.

Hello @Vancouver_biz,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and congrats on your first post! 🙂


It sounds like you've had quite a time trying to get assistance with your recent order! We're sad to hear it hasn't been the best experience. 😔


Are you able to reach out to us via Twitter @RogersHelps or on so we can assist you
further? Our Social Media team is a great avenue for support when it comes to business queries and they are available to help 24/7! 


Kindest of regards,