Frustrating Process... Why.

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Frustrating Process... Why.

I wound up canceling an order today, just because the process of getting a tablet was so frustrating.

Brief background, I called Rogers to inquire if anything could be done for my current account with them, and was able to get a couple of very minor adjustments made.  That was fine.


Then, the rep asked if I'd like to take advantage of a tablet for 10 bucks a month because I'd been with them for about 10 years.  I thought about it, and said sure.  3 months free, too.  Good deal, really, I thought. 


During the course of finalizing everything, I told the rep my new address as we had moved recently, and they said they couldn't change the billing address, but could change the shipping address. Yeah, ok. Fair enough.  Next, my wife, of all people, gets an email with the shipping details.  And the shipping details showed the old address.

So, two problems... One, why would they ship to my wife when I was the one who ordered it?  And two, why would they not change the address for the account when they changed my address?  Why leave my wife as living at a different address, then think it would be a good idea to ship there?


Anyway, after 3 chats with different reps, a couple calls to UPS (they won't change the shipping address for me, tough . .. they'd rather keep trying to deliver to an empty house), one rep finally told me I had to dial the sales number to have it changed.  So I did, got transferred to someone else, and I finally said you know what, this entire process is far more pain than it's worth, just cancel it.  So I'm assuming they did.


My point, this entire frustrating process is far more frustrating than it needs to be.  If I'm giving someone almost 200 bucks a month, I don't expect to have to jump through hoops for something that should be extremely simple to accomplish.   At the moment, unless something changes very drastically, I'm off to another carrier once my contract is up.  Too expensive to cancel it at the moment.

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Re: Frustrating Process... Why.


Hello, @Bill42.


I can appreciate your situation, address not changed, multiple chats and calls to UPS etc. can be overwhelming.


Have you not engaged Rogers Moves Concierge prior to moving to the new address? The address should have changed on the date of the move.


We can investigate the address change issue and look into ordering the tablet for you. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.