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Re: Frustrating Customer Service

Hello @ tieumi


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums.


We can definitely understand your frustration.


We’d like to help. Please send out a Private Message via @CommunityHelps and we can look into your situation further.


Looking forward to your reply.



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Re: Frustrating Customer Service



You have summarized what I have been trying to say, and have done it very well.  I am happy with my services, have worked hard to develop service selections that meet my specific needs, and have changed nothing in a very long time in terms of services on all of my services, except when life style changes have occurred - example, decided to add HBO because of the selection available, have added Netflix into the mix because they offered things I couldn't get on Rogers, have been unchanged on digital VIP for as long as I can remember. I have added no other packages, but have added a PVR over time and did go to the 3 because we did record a lot, so depended on a trustworthy system - before that we had our own digital PVR.


Internet, we did move to faster speed and bandwidth options, dealt with the gradual removal of services available from the old Home model to Yahoo. We were moved off modem only when I had a highly secure wireless router attached, with access points in the home providing good access.


Forced onto combined modem routers, with limited capability to manage based upon my own needs - still run an access point though, because the range in my home is not great - our home has a lot of steel structural beams  and as for 5 rather than 2.4, that is a joke - one I don't have any 5.0 devices except for my phones, and there is so much packet loss on 5 if they are not direct line of sight, that it is pretty much unuseable.  Great for media direct from router to TV device, but otherwise, for a whole home situation, kind of useless.  Have moved my router many times - 2.4 has proven to be the most stable and predictable and many people here, even your own experts say, bridge the router.


As a final insult, a call on drops on the new AC modem (don't own any C), the tech online changed the security level because it was more secure, Not to Auto, but to WPA2 only, rather than auto - I have devices on WPA and that is why "I" set it there. I told him to put it back.  This is why I prefer not having Rogers have access to my internal network, they don't know my service and technical needs and he proved that he didn't even bother to ask.


On to home phone - It is fine, never changed it since I got it, other than to once add call name display.  Seeing it on my TV is a nice option.


On to cell phones - I am not a data user, never will be, and you restrict my options significantly for text/voice only. I don't need unlimited plans, have never used more than 100 minutes as a family of four.


Rogers has been my company of choice for 23 years now, but in the last few years, all the bells and whistles, and restricting us in our options other than don't change anything, or buy my phone outright, which is what I do, and a complete disregard for the needs of the legacy user and long term customer has soured me and forced me to look elsewhere.


I am sure others like the gimmicks such as spotify, NHL stuff, data on phones, etc, but I am not one of them and have never asked for it, nor would I ask for it.  I have Shomi in my package, never watch it, although did watch a couple of shows, that happen to be on Netflix too. Have glanced at NHL stuff, not interested, not a sports watcher.


So as was said, I feel like Rogers is forcing the customer to change, and is not willing to meet the needs/wants of your current customers.  No one asked us if we wanted more.


@lockdown2341  I am sure there are people who are excited by these things, and I am glad you offer it to them, but I don't appreciate it being pushed on me as basically the default option whithout even asking me my needs.  I am in my late 50's, and I am not a good recipient for marketing of "we have the newest most wonderful things, and it will cost you only this much more".  


Some people may be interest, and my point is that I shouldn't be forced to go to other companies after I have been happy with you for over 22 years.  I wasn't looking to change, you are providing me no option here.  Think about it, why do you think I have never changed my services, adding things once in a while and removing things as add on's not included in services tied to contracts.  I see no respect for my desires and wishes, well demonstrated to your company over the years of staying with you.  This is why generally, if reps ask do I want to review my services, I say know.  I don't want to be marketed.  I am usually calling only for service support, or to change up my services on my initiative.


So  @barndoor, you have got the point, dead on.  I don't want to shop around, Rogers is forcing me to through their own marketing decisions.



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Re: Frustratin​g Customer Service

After 7 years being a loyal customer with Rogers unbelievable the lack of follow-up to keep good customer in regards to upgrading to newer phone and good or similar plan.

I like customer service but not the lack of coming up with workable solution as they did  years ago in a good way then with mobile phone plan.

No excuse for that this time around. Rogers dropped tha ball with this.

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Re: Frustratin​g Customer Service

The interesting thing is that if you bring your own phone on a share anything plan, they take 20.00 per month off - why, because that is the subsidy for a phone that is offered - 24 x 20 = 480.00 so you save 20.00, but you also got it interest free, I will acknowledge that.  The marketing operates on the assumption that we all want to upgrade after 2 years now - never has been the case for me.  I replace my batteries when they age, and do my own repairs, or take them to a shop.


In the past, Rogers has given the phone outright free to any level of consumer (different phone options depending upon your plan) but you could pretty much get anything by signing to a three year plan, on any type of plan, as is available currently with most of their competitors.


I can buy the concept of the plans being increased by 20.00 per month to get a new phone because you no longer can count on retaining a customer past two years, but let's be honest, customers wouldn't leave and would commit to stay, as I have for decades now, if you are fair with your price plans. I have never had a reason to think about leaving until now.


So what is wrong with say, letting us keep our legacy plans, give us a 500.00 subsidy, same as you give share anything plans, give us a full range of choice on share talk and text, not the two low end ones you currently show online.  Don't make us beg and plead for a "deal", learn afterwards from this forum that they just introduced the ability to buy a phone on subsidy (lower end ones yes) and keep our plan, 2 weeks after I bought a new phone to keep a plan unchanged.


Let's be honest, the bells and whistles you are adding of unlimited everything, share everything, shomi, nhl, magazines, and on and on are not really free, they are built into the price.  I get none of these, but my plans are just lower than other competetors.  


If Roger's objective is to get us all to move off our legacy plans and legacy phones as they fail, or force us to buy outright from another supplier, or from a company directly, you are achieving at a minimum getting me to seriously think about options, when I have never ever done it before.


So, why not consider giving us the phone at a subsidy price of say 25.00 per month (I will even give credit that prices have increased, but our plans have been pretty stable), and we pay out if we cancel over three years.  This way, I am paying for the phone, it is not even subsidized (that 5.00 per month extra will more than cover interest and administrative costs), and guess what, you have a very satisfied customer who will recommend services to others.


I no longer recommend Rogers to others - your prices and choices of plans, and ability to buy phones by just adding the "flex tab" onto the bill to cover the price of the phone - stop calling it subsidized (it is a no interest loan). We are paying almost the full price for the phone, so let us keep our plans and buy the phone on the no interest loan on 24 payments. Most furniture stores and like do the same, maybe charge you a 75.00 surcharge or administrative charge, my offer of 25.00 is not even as good as the furniture or electronics store.


But bottom line is Rogers choose their marketing and profit margin models and where they would prefer to take us in terms of products and service protocols.  But some of us don't care about speed, don't care about lag from standard voice rather than VoLTE, don't use data, don't worry about voice over wifi since I still have a home phone in my basement, don't roam, use minimal Internet, and so forth.  We just want Rogers to be fair and competitive and consider out needs with a broader range of options.


So at the end of the day, all of us "legacy customers" will make choices, some will stay and some will leave, some will take the new options with glee and be more than willing to pay for it, and some of us won't be willing to pay because we just don't want it.


I have said enough on this.  We went through a rash of people complaining about their options when their 3 year plans went to 2 year plans (bonus to them, but not if they wanted to upgrade), and now it is the older three year plans, coming to the end and finding about the "new world" as defined by CRTC because providers wouldn't back off on the unrealistic cancellation fees and giving flexibility to changing cercumstances, and they are learning that unlike in the past where they could resign to a three year plan, it is now two years, and at much higher costs because they have to give up their old plans, or totally switch up to plans they would never take on to get a lower payment on a phone up front - not a free or subsidized one, you pay for it ultimately.  But as said before, I am beating a dead horse here, but just trying to be helpful to a new group of previous users coming into the new Rogers models.


Shop around and see what is best for you.  Make your choice of the best deal for your own needs, and always remember, value is in the eye of the beholder, not the seller.


If you didn't need it, didn't want it, it is not value and I can assure you nothing is free.



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Re: Frustrating Customer Service

Rogers missed their scheduled appointment this past Friday between 2-4 at retirement home Who do i contact, what number just before i splash this all over the social services
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Re: Frustrating Customer Service

Hello @wnicho,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


I know how frustrating it can be when a service call is missed especially at a retirement home where numerous people could be majorly inconvenienced. We can definitely help you here in the Community Forums, please send us a private message @CommunityHelps the next time you're online and we can take care of this for you.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.



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Re: Frustrating Customer Service

@wnicho : You should probably contact the administration office of the retirement home and get the Rogers contact information from them.  Retirement homes are usually handled separately and have a special contact number and perhaps even contact person with Rogers.


I went through this a couple of years ago with my father's move to an assisted living facility.  Is that what you did to schedule the appointment in the first place?

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Re: Frustrating Customer Service


i would not like to reveal my name but unfortunately rogers has one of the worst customer services ever.

if you ever like to see what real customer service pls actiavte a line with either telus and koodo, ull be amazed by the customer service these people provide.

i have been on customer service since 10 am and have been transferred 5 times uptil now

the list of reps who helped me 

1) sejal

2) doug

3) jason

4) sam

5) andrea

and i dont know how many more to come. IF YOU REALLLY BORED WITH YOUR LIFE AND IF U GET PAID FOR NOTHING AND JUST SIT AT HOME AND WASTE YOUR TIME ON PHONE WITH ROGERS than by all means pls actiavte a line with them.



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Re: Frustrating Customer Service

Worst Service


I called your corporate call center because my account is totally messed up one of Rogers rep. I asked for manager and he never came on the phone. I asked representative some questions regarding my bill then she said that’s not out responsibility to tell everything.

From my account most of the services aren’t their, I remember adding them. I have an email but representative not listening to me at all. I asked for the manager again and he didn’t come on the phone. I have been paying tons of money and service is absolutely horrible. I wish Rogers and big money greedy companies should be banned.

I will call corporate office, which I did, haven’t head anything yet.

Never recommending Rogers to even my enemy.

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Re: Frustrating Customer Service


This is where you should go. Forget the phone or live chat.

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