Free gift missing with device order

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Free gift missing with device order

I placed an order for a Samsung Galaxy S20+  with promotion free galaxy buds on Jul.17/2020 around 7pm. and I requested for Pro On the Go service.  The rep. told me I am not eligible for that because I placed the order after 6pm.  Next day Jul.18/2020 , live chat with other rep. I want to change the deliver service to Pro On the Go service.  She said she must cancel the exiting order and place a new order again.  I agreed after she cancelled the order, she was able to place again. She advised me to call the EPP line to contact buyers remorse to cancel the order.  The Rep. on the phone tired to place the order for me.  It was not success and told me try call back or live chat few hours later to let the system reset.  Few hour later I called the EPP line the rep. said their system was slow while trying place the order for me and the line got cut.  Rep. never called me back.  I called again the other rep. said she was not able to logon.  I told her told call me back when the system is up.  She agreed (she got my phone number) but never heard from her again.  I was very frustrated.  I was dealing with this issue half of my day and still cannot resolve.  I did a live chat again to place the order again.  The rep. was not able to order as Pro On the Go service.  (Note: I spoke/chat with 5 different rep.  They all told me I am eligible to use that service) and transferred me to other dept. ( he didn’t even inform me that he was going to transfer me.)  The other dept. has no clue why I got transferred?  And he transferred me back to MSD.  Another rep. helped me to place the order.  I thought it went through.  On Jul.19/2020 follow up with me order I was told it didn’t go through. It is because the token was not valid (token was reset while I placed the order). The rep. reset the token and apply to the order and told me everything should me good.  I didn’t follow up until Monday Jul.22/2020 .  There was problem with the code again.  The rep. needed to cancel and place the order again and he will make sure the order was success placed.   On Jul.23/2020  order went through and gave me a tracking number.  Which is good.  Finally, I received my phone but WITHOUT the BONUS Galaxy buds.  I ordered since last Wednesday.  I should be entitled to have the free buds. Due to so many system errors to delay my order for so many days that’s make me unable to get the bonus is not fair to me. Also I spent so much time to resolve these problems.   No one will take the ownership for this case until the end.  I did try to escalate to manager.  They said manager won’t help.  I think it is fair to either send me a Samsung Galaxy buds if it not available send me the Samsung Galaxy buds+ or credit $160 (that’s how much it worth) to my account.  I have been with Rogers since 2001.  I am still very upset and unsatisfying with this case.  Please tell me if you were me how to you feel about the whole situation? I hope that I will be heard from you A.S.A.P.  Thank you. 


Additional: I did a complain via share your concern.  It is useless.  I received reply from them today.  They refereed  mye to call 1-855-641-9954 escalation specialist can help me.  They want me to waste more time to explain everything all over again.  What kind of service is this? Moreover, i think that is a retention dept. number.   




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Re: Free gift missing with device order

Hey @2188


Welcome to Community Forums! 😊 Thank you for sharing your device order experience. It's always exciting to get a new phone! I hope you're enjoying your new Samsung S20 +. We appreciate the Private Message and I'm confident we will find a resolution for this matter.