Fraud case, no help and charge on me

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Fraud case, no help and charge on me

I really can't describe how disappointed I am. On Sept 20,2020, someone hacked into my account and ordered a phone, which created an additional line on my account. When I checked my bill, I saw a $180 dollars bill on my account. My monthly bill is only about $80 dollars. When I click the detail on my bill, I saw an additional phone number and phone plan in my account. I called rogers immediately. One of the agents said this case should go through the fraud department and it will take about 48hrs. I waited for three days and no call from them, so I called them back again. This time another agent helped me and said the previous agent didn't explain anything in the case and turned out the case was rejected. The second agent helped me submit another case, and let me wait for another few days for them to reach out to me. Now it has been already a month and NO ONE called me. Calling Rogers has become my daily routine, and they are not doing anything. The only thing they are telling me is "you have to wait for the fraud department to reach out." I was expecting they can solve my issue before my bill is due. Unfortunately, they told me "you have to pay the bill so you won't receive any additional charges, and if the investigation is done we will refund the credit." I have a really good credit score, and I don't wanna hurt my score so  I paid my bill with fraud. Until today, it has been a month and six days since the fraud happened. NO ONE called me back to solve the case, and all the customer service agents are not able to help. What is more shocking is the fraud itself. The agent said the guy hacked into my account and order a phone, and rogers they deliver the device to the person. This is really ridiculous, how can you guys deliver a device to a scammer without checking any identifications?? Also, your client's privacy is already invaded, and rogers you are doing nothing.  One of the agents even trying to teach me a lesson. He told me:" just wait for the fraud department reach out to you, we have many cases going on every day and you don't know how many fraud cases we have every day." This guy trying to teach me how to be patient. I know covid 19 may affect the speed on the case but I am already patient enough and I give you guys a full month to solve the issue. Isn't this patient enough?  Someone, please contact me about this and I need this to be solved immediately. My monthly bill is coming up again. I WILL NOT pay my bill with fraud anymore, and I will call my bank and credit union to explain this issue. I won't pay any bills with fraud until you guys solved my issue and remove the additional line from my account. 




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Re: Fraud case, no help and charge on me

Good morning @zihanwei,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I sincerely apologize for the delay in response. Your concerns are absolutely valid. I would be worried about an unknown line and all charges associated with it too. I appreciate the details you've provided. 


We take the privacy and security of our customer information seriously, however if a transaction is completed online we have little control over it. Changing your passwords regularly will help keep your personal information safe from outside intrusions.  Always try to choose a unique, hard-to-guess password (and never reuse one).


Having said that, I'm glad to hear my colleague had forwarded the request off to our Fraud team. For your particular case type, I believe the request is facilitated within 24 business hours. Have you heard back from the team yet? 


I hope your concerns have been addressed since you last posted here. Please keep us apprised on the outcome.