End of Promotion - Change in Bill

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Really, you wont know until you call.

Will you necessarily get the SAME discount? Not necessarily, but usually there is always some form of discount available.

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Thanks 57 hadn't found that thread but had read some others. It all helps. One options is to cancel my services with Rogers for long enough to qualify as a newbie. We have cells and I am of the Scottish heritage. 🙂
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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Any good promos out for Rogers packages?


My current promo is coming to an end, just contacted support and apparently to stay the same way I am right now I will be paying about $4 more a month...

I know $4 a month isnt much, but it seems strange to stay as a customer the way I am my price is being increased.

Anyways, I currently have gigabit + digital TV + home phone

If nothing else is offered then I fear I will need to turn to Bell and see what they can offer me.

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Greetings @jamunasingh!


Thank you for posting and a warm welcome to the Community! 😊


Although $4/month may not seem like a lot, I understand how that could add up over time. Like most, I also have a budget that I like to maintain for better peace of mind. What we would like to do is have a look into your account to see what in-market offers are available, and hopefully we can find you something that will work for your needs. 


If possible, please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Message system, please CLICK HERE.



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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Good Morning,

I just got off the phone for the second time this week with Rogers.  I switched to Rogers from Bell 2 years ago and am seriously considering going back to Bell after the false promises that have been disclosed.  The original rep I spoke to last year specifically stated that my bill will NOT increase year over year outside of "service increases" (there was one just a week ago $3 for cable and $3 for internet).  They said my plan would stay the same or I would be offered better.

This past year I was issued manual credits to my account which was satisfactory but I did have to call in far too often to have these credits applied. 

I have just been informed that my bill is going from $109.00 tax incld. to $184 a month PLUS tax.  I am simply not able to afford that astronomical increase.  Had I of known that Rogers was going to increase my bill this much with MINIMAL notice, I never would have switched over. 

I feel that I was mislead with the sales team.  At no point was it discussed that my bill would double. 

As a loyal customer, I pay my bill ON TIME every month no questions asked and also have our cell phones with rogers as well.

I am VERY disappointed with what has been communicated to me. 

I tried calling in a second time for to speak to another Manager in hopes that Rogers would make this right; but this is not the case.  In the past week I have now spent 2 hours on the phone trying to plead my case that this increase or "promotions" that are available to me will result in my bill almost increasing by 95%.

That does NOT seem fair. 

Rogers should have sent out a notice saying that they are changing their way of doing business or at least telling me in advance that this is what will happen to my bill.  At least then I could have made an informed decision to shop around to another provider.  This is not affordable for the average family and especially not ours.


Thank you,

@phalkon wrote:

Suddenly my bill jumps 100 dollars?


Rogers wireless stupidity has finally seeped into the cable/internet side of business.suddenly,with no warning my 'deals' have expired sending my bill up 100 dollars.what a mickey mouse operation rogers is.




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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

@DanielleM : Promotions are just that. They are intended to draw new customers who must eventually pay a higher price to compensate for the promotion.  Bell is the same in that after 1-2 years, the promotion ends and your price goes up significantly. Some people play the game and switch back and forth between providers every year or so, but most people don't.  Simply too much trouble.


Check out the recommendation to contact @CommunityHelps per post 14. Perhaps they can do something for you. I have found that team most helpful.

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Yes one could describe it as a game, some don't mind negotiating and moving around, some don't.  As I said in my recent post, the Rogers retention/cancellation guy said they weren't allowing us to play the game of negotiating lower prices that once an offer was made, that is the offer.  What he missed was the opportunity to have an open discussion of how we could reduce my services and reduce my costs, as the budget is the final decision for me.


So for those who want to switch and negotiate, go for it.  I have never actually played that game, Rogers always came through for me, I have never threatened leaving or compared prices against other companies, I just look at the offers and compare and decide.


So Rogers defines the rules as do all companies, and we make our decisions.


Personally I have always liked the game of negotiating, and if I can't reach the deal I hope for, I either accept the best deal offered or walk.  To each their own.



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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

for transparency I have been with Rogers for 33 years, and for anyone old enough to remember Cantel was the original and Rogers purchased to put themselves into the wireless business, so technically I have been a Rogers wireless customer for longer than Rogers. New apartment, called for cable/internet, offered package $125+, 12 month later bill increased to $279, called, argued and best they would do is $189 ( cable/internet) Now my wireless bill, same 4 numbers on family share plan, $225+, talked to friend who had similar plan with Bell at $190 so wrote 5 emails starting July 2nd, 2020 as none were being answered for account review.( this included contact us, management office, ombudsman. Just the automated due to covid we are busy. Oct invoice just arrived. $225+ went to $379+, so I used chat to get to management office and was told we are so sorry, and to help we can fix this by not increasing to the original $379+ we will ONLY increase you to $339+, now im scrambling to find affordable solutions. Great company at getting new customers , terrible at keeping. FYI, 4 lines 20GB sharabale and unlimited rest, no tab, no financed phones and 4 tel number i have owned for over 30 years. quick search at competitors through promo sites, cheaper to leave, but shouldn't have to? 

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Hello @aztec8888,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your very first post! 🙂


Firstly, I'd like to let you know how much we appreciate you sticking with us for as long as you have. Thirty plus years is a very long time and often unheard of these days!!


It's disappointing to hear that your latest interactions with us haven't been too swell. We always strive to make each and every interaction as positive as possible. I'm also shocked and dismayed that you were unable to connect with anyone from upper management to get help with your issue--especially after making several attempts. 😟


We'd like to investigate this matter further to see how we can help get things back on track. Would you be able to send us a PM to get started? For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Kind regards,

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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I have been with Rogers since the early 90's and can honestly say that for as long as I can remember when renewing the term on my services Rogers has never gotten a transition bills correct. I have probably spent weeks on the phone with them  over the years. I think customers should get a "frustration allowance" when renewing. Tonight spent 1.5 hours on hold to get the most obvious issue resolved and credited. I told the nice lady that reviewing rest of bill had to wait until the weekend until I picked up a case of beer so I could understand the Rogers math.


What has your experience been like?