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End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I Plan to Stick Around

Suddenly my bill jumps 100 dollars?


Rogers wireless stupidity has finally seeped into the cable/internet side of business.suddenly,with no warning my 'deals' have expired sending my bill up 100 dollars.what a mickey mouse operation rogers is.




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Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I'm a Trusted Contributor
I did see one notice a couple of months back stating that internet service was going up $8.00 per month. A 10% increase (for our family) does seem like a pretty steep increase for no noticeable difference in service,
Our small discount ends this month so I'm not looking forward to what the final result will be.

Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I've Been Here Awhile
Does Rogers warn you when your promotion is about to end?


I am currently in the middle of my first year with Rogers. I have a promotional price on an Ignite bundle. When I signed up, they said the pricing was in effect for one year. I didn't sign a contract.

Do they warn you a month or two before the promotional pricing ends? Or do I have to just keep track myself so I don't get smacked with a ridiculously higher bill?

Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

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Worry not! We don't want our customers to be shocked by a sudden change in their bill without warning. We put a reminder on your invoice starting 90 days prior to a promotion expiring. 




Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

I Plan to Stick Around

I find myself facing a 3 year Bundle saving expiring on September 30, 2018. I am wondering what folks would have for suggestions as to how to approach this terrible event.  In my case it would appear that my bill would be increasing nearly $70.00 + tax at that time.  Obviously I will not be paying such an increase.  Anyone had good luck in extending the  Bundle saving for example?

Re: End of Promotion - Change in Bill

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Webster01  Here's a post/thread link discussing the fact that it is possible to negotiate a new "contract" with Rogers when your current discount expires.  You may also reduce what's in your package, depending.