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I Plan to Stick Around
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E-mail to Text (SMS)

I've been using e-mail to test for sometime, but I noticed today that it stopped working. I get bounce backs on my e-mail.


I'm using xxxxxxxxxx@sms.rogers.com   (xxxxxxxxxx=10-digit phone#).


A year or 2 ago I used  xxxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com, but it seems to no longer work properly, so switched to the sms.rogers address and has been working great.


Any thoughts?.




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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 44

Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

OK, tried xxxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com and it does work, but much slower (1-2 minutes) than the sms.rogers.com was.


I found this link that says to use xxxxxxxxxx@pcs.rogers.com





I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 44

Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)


I've done more testing and concluded that a e-mail sent to the pcs.roger address taked anywhere from 2 to 60 minutes to reach the phone. 


A message sent to sms.rogers arrives on the phone in about 5-15 seconds, but not every message arrives.


The sms.rogers was reliable for the last year or more, but something has changed. i've tried it from multiple e-mail accounts from multiple computers/devices.


I have resorted to sending all messages to both addresses. When sms.rogers works, I get it right away and the pcs.rogers maessage arrives sometime later. If the sms.rogers doesn't work, at least I get the pcs.rogers at some later time (better late than never).

I've Been Around
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Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Were you able to get a resolution?  Having the same issues here.



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Hello. Part of the reason that I can think of is that this method is how spammers use to send us those spam unsolicited text messages so I suspect that there is some filter in the background scanning every message for spam. Because its used widely for unsolicit purposes you might want to look into other more reliable ways of sending and receiving email on your phone. Just my 5 cents

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Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Good day,


I apologize for the delayed response here, but I wanted to know more about this situation.


First of all, thank you so much for your feedback @Victoria_guy!


We did transfer over to the phonenumber@sms.rogers.com, which works better, since there is no need to reply with “Read” to get the messages.


What are the issues you are experiencing @jason1234?

I hope you were able to resolve them since you last posted.


Could you show us an example of the bounce back you got?


We would like to assist you further, as we are aware that it is not a widely used service.



I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Email to SMS gateway (sms.rogers.com) 


Question, I have been using the sms gateway for the last year or so to get alerts from our Nagios system.


Recently (the last week), this has completley stopped working for us -- our company's mailserver is now always getting a timeout when trying to send mail to sms.rogers.com (which looks like a firewall rule).  


Is there any recourse?  Your level 1 and level 2 guys swear up and down that you don't block things at that gateway, and so because it's working from elsewhere, it has to be working.  


(Spoiler: It's not working). 

Posts: 900

Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Hello @iwarford!


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


I know how handy a feature Email to Text is. Are you currently on a monthly subscription for the  Email to text direct delivery? Have you made any recent changes to your wireless services?


Please keep us posted.





I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 4

Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

I am not referring to the Email to Text service (that is accessed at @pcs.rogers.com), I am asking about the SMS gateway which functions for all rogers numbers (which is @sms.rogers.com).

Secondly, it still works for my number, it just appears as if they are not accepting connections from my companies SMTP server.

I have worked around this for now by creating a separate gmail account and having it forward the emails to @sms.rogers.com, as you haven't yet blocked gmail from sending SMS messages this way.

(again, this is not the email to text service, this is just a gateway that is just an MTA hooked up to an ESME - this is enabled for all numbers that have a text plan).

Posts: 319

Re: E-mail to Text (SMS)

Hello @iwarford,


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, we've looked into this issue closely and can confirm that Rogers will no longer support the following text messaging services:


  • Email-to-Text (SMTP-to-SMS) used for sending text messages via email
  • Paging-to-Text (SNPP-to-SMS or WCTP-to-SMS) used for sending pager messages to text via internet-enabled PC or software.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please note that all other aspects of your Rogers services will remain the same.


If you wish to continue using Email-to-Text services, we may have the ability to provide you with additional benefits from an enhanced version of this feature. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps and we can assist you further.  For more information on our Private Message system, please see this page.



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