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Double billing

I've been around

I have been trying to contact Rodgers for about three months about a bill I got. I have payed my bill every month without a problem. Now I have a bill that says I didn’t pay for one month and I did. I would like this cleared up so I don’t keep getting a double charge on my bill..


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Re: Double billing


Hello, @LMD1001.


Thank you for your post, and welcome to our Community!


A paid bill not showing up on your account can be unsettling. Since the paid bills from other months show up, the missing bill could have been paid to a wrong account. What was the mode of payment?


Have you checked your financial institution to see if you have paid to the correct account?


Please keep us posted.



Re: Double billing

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

tellers can make mistakes too, my sister had her rogers account number changed, and when she went to the teller to pay her bill, instead of checking the account number of her current bill, the teller just went in and looked up her payment history and found the old account number and paid it.  this resulted in my sisters line getting suspended for non payment,  sometimes the banks make mistakes too, but hang on to all receipts and transaction confirmation documents, it will help resolve any issues

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